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Students sucker punch lights up Facebook
2 disciplined at HUHS
A shock wave moved on the face of a student who was slugged by another student in a Facebook video posted last week. Both students were disciplined, said HUHS officials. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

Hughson High School officials have said they took "appropriate action" against a student who was seen punching another student in the face in a video posted to Facebook on Wednesday.

The video shows two students standing puffing their chests during an altercation. A student wearing a striped tank top and shorts can be heard offering to fight at 4:30 on Wednesday while the other, wearing a pink backpack and jeans, replying, "Right now." The victim answers, "Wait ‘til Wednesday" followed by "I might get suspended from school."

At that moment, the kid with the backpack quickly lands a blow to the boy's face, knocking off his sunglasses and dropping him to the concrete walkway.

The video, seen by over 87,000, shows the victim walking off.

Disciplinary actions have been taken against both students.

"We never condone violence of any type, and we have policies and subsequent consequences in place to dissuade students from choosing to participate in behavior such as this," said Hughson Union School District Supt. Brian Beck. "We always investigate and take appropriate action on any incidents that we are aware of."

When asked to elaborate on the form of discipline, Beck said: "I can't divulge too much as student discipline is confidential, but this incident was a continuation from an earlier incident. In the end, both students had consequences imposed consistent with our student handbook. I can say that expulsion was not considered since neither student suffered serious injury, nor was there previous history in such behavior."