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Two injured when car hits house
Hughson crash
A car punctured the wall of an apartment unit next to the Hughson Post Office on Friday injuring two women.

A Hughson resident was pinned underneath a car after it plowed into the living room of a small apartment complex adjacent to the Hughson Post Office on Friday afternoon.

The crash occurred at approximately 1:15 p.m. when the female driver of a car traveling through the parking lot accelerated over a curb and through a wooden fence and a sliding glass door into the living room. Several engines and personnel from Hughson Fire Department quickly responded and worked to free the injured woman and offered medical care.

The crash occurred at the southeast corner unit of the six-unit apartment complex located south of Elm Street.

An air ambulance was called out and stood by at Hughson Cold Storage facility but was later canceled when it was determined the victim, Gwen Corea, had sustained broken ribs, cuts and bruises requiring a ground ambulance to a local hospital. She was recovering in intensive care.

The name of the driver was not available.

Shane Corea posted on social media that his mother, the resident of the apartment complex, is recovering well: “We all know how lucky she was to be in as good a shape as she is. She is recovering well and wants the people speaking to her on scene how important you are and thank you for being there and calming her in that situation.”

 “She’s so lucky this could have been worse,” said the woman’s sister, Jacque Pearce Hughes.

Ceres and Stanislaus Consolidated fire departments assisted Hughson Fire.

Hughson deputies are currently investigating the scene to determine the cause of the accident.