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Uber assault victim from Ceres
Quintana assault
A bystander shot video of Alex Quintana, a Ceres High graduate, being assaulted by a group of bikers on a San Francisco freeway. The Modesto man was driving for Uber when he was injured in the attack. He suffered a broken leg and nose. - photo by Courtesy of YouTube

The 36-year-old Uber driver who was seriously injured in a San Francisco freeway assault and hails from Ceres is now seeking financial help from the public to cover his medical and living expenses.

Alex Quintana, a Ceres High graduate living in Modesto, was pummeled on March 8, a crime captured on video. His mother, Donna Dudley of Ceres, said Alex sustained broken bones during the attack on Highway 101. Police are seeking to identify and arrest the approximately 15 men associated in the attack.

"Right now he can't even do anything," said Dudley of her son, the father of a newborn 3-month-old boy and a 9-year-old stepdaughter. "Right now he's in desperate need of donations to make his house and car payments and hospital bills."

The account - found by searching for Alex Quintana (or - has raised $1,300 toward its $10,000 goal. It also features a video of the attack shot by a bystander.

Quintana has two breaks in one leg and a broken ankle and awaiting a second surgery.

The attack occurred, said Dudley, when a group thought Alex was cutting them off and "he was trying to go around him. They broke his mirrors and he got out of the car to ask them what's up and they boxed him in ... and they smashed the passenger side window and just jumped him and ran over his leg with motorcycles."