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Vet clinic to expand
Ceres Veterinary
Ceres Veterinary Clinic won approval for a lot line adjustment last week to facilitate and expansion of the building and parking lot. - photo by Contributed

A lot line adjustment was approved by the City Council last week to allow Ceres Veterinary Clinic to expand its parking lot at 3018 E. Whitmore Avenue.

Community Development Director Tom Westbrook said the Planning Commission previously approved a request from Miguel and Susan Olivas to combine two lots into one so parking improvements can be on one lot.

In September 2017, the city approved a Specific Plan Site Plan entitlement involving the two properties to allow for the Ceres Veterinary to expand. Plans call for the existing 2,086-square-foot clinic to be expanded by 847 square feet. The existing parking lot will be removed and replaced with additional parking to accommodate the expansion. A condition of approval was to obtain a Lot Line Adjustment between two parcels involved in the construction at the southwest corner of Whitmore Avenue and Della Drive.

Ceres Veterinary Clinic has been operating since 1965.