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Park, center fees raised
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The city raised the rates of renting picnic shelters at Ceres parks as well as the use of banquet rooms at the Ceres Community Center and American Legion hall.

Rates had been the same since 2004 and were "grossly behind" the rates charged by other cities for similar uses, said Recreation Coordinator Traci Farris.

Since opening two years ago, the Ceres Community Center has attracted stead use for private parties and company events as well as public functions. Farris said the city initially offered "penetration pricing to make ourselves highly competitive."

In adopting the new rates, the city has a tiered rate structure. The cost of the small assembly room at the Community Center increases from $648 per day to $798 for Ceres residents, $900 for non residents, $678 for Ceres non-profit groups and $742 for out-of-town non-profit groups.

"It's still a very good rate," said Farris. "It's not like we're pricing ourselves out of the market."

The cost of the large assembly room increases from $1,080 for Ceres residents to $1,280, $1,450 for those living outside Ceres, $1,088 for Ceres non-profit groups and $1,190 for non-profit groups outside of Ceres.

Rentals at the Ceres American Legion Memorial Building at Ninth and Lawrence are the same as the Community Center's small assembly room rates.

The new fees affect rentals of the covered and open picnic areas of the parks. Smyrna Park's covered picnic shelter and Roeding Heights Park shelter remain the most heavily used.

A one-day rental of the Smyrna Park covered shelter by a Ceres resident jumps $10, from $60 to $70. Those rates also apply to the new picnic shelter at Ceres River Bluff Regional Park on Hatch Road. Rates for non-Ceres residents are $9 higher.

New costs for other facilities include:

• Smyrna Park picnic areas #1 through #5, $30;

• The Whitmore Park gazebo, $35;

• Whitmore Park picnic area, $25;

• Roeding Heights Park covered area, $50;

• Roeding Heights Park picnic area #1, $25.

• Ceres River Bluff Regional Park field fees for youth play, $10 to $15;

• Ceres River Bluff Regional Park field fees for adult play, $20 to $25;

• Smyrna Park baseball/softball complex (private use) $25 to $35;

• Smyrna Park baseball/softball complex (non-profit use) $20 to $29.