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Ceres School board honors top students test takers
LaRosa Elementary School fifth-grader Javier Perez was the only special education student to be honored for a perfect score on the CAPA English Language arts test. Here he receives a certificate from CUSD trustee Mike Welsh. - photo by Contributed to the Courier

A total of 47 Ceres Unified students were honored by the Ceres School Board on Sept. 26 for earning perfect scores on one or more state tests during the 2013 STAR test administration.

The 47 Ceres students earned a perfect score of 600 on the California Standards Test (CST) in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science or Social Studies, said Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Debra Bukko.

Two CUSD students earned a perfect score of 60 on the California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA), one in English Language Arts, and another student in mathematics.

Both the CSTs and the CAPA measure student proficiency in academic standards learned throughout the school year. The CAPA test is administered to students with Individualized Education Plans; the test is an alternative to the California Standards Tests.

The students who posted the achievement, their grade level and subject of high testing were:

Kyle Hebb (Adkison fourth-grader, CST math); Lucy Liang, (Adkison third-grader, CST math); Antonio Ruiz Perez (Adkison sixth-grader, CST math); Roberto Tiscareno (Caswell fourth-grader, CST math); Lovepreet Shergill (CVHS junior, CST Social Studies); Joseph Dias (CHS senior, CST Social Studies); Esmeralda Garcia (CHS senior, CAPA math); Manjot Mangat (CHS junior, CST Social Studies); Justin Moore (CHS junior, CST Science); Ashley Sanchez (CHS junior, CST Social Studies); Andres Campos (Don Pedro sixth-grader, CST math); Savannah Haas (Carroll Fowler third-grader, CST English Language Arts); John Alba, Aiden Mantarro Moore, Maria Ocegueda, Noah Rantz and Andres Valencia (who all tested at Mae Hensley and are now freshmen at Ceres High School, all testing high in CST science); Vinh Nguyen (Hidahl sixth-grader, CST math); Diego Santacruz (Hidahl fourth-grader, CST math); Asalah Abdo, Nathan Choup, Nicholas Diaz, Navreet Pattar, Alveen Singh and Sabrina Villa, (all LaRosa fourth-graders, CST math); Javier Perez (LaRosa fifth-grader, CAPA English Language arts); Prabhjot Singh (LaRosa sixth-grader, CST math); Emmanuel Villalon (LaRosa third-grader, CST math); Andy Tan (Virginia Parks fourth-grader, CST math); Cielo Acevedo Lopez, Roberto Maldonado and Andy Souksavath (all Sinclear sixth-graders, CST math); David Cuevas Sanchez (Sinclear fifth-grader, CST math); Julius Gurrola (Sinclear third-grader, CST English Language arts); Willy Souksavath (Sinclear fourth-grader, CST math); Delia Vidal (Sinclear third-grader, CST math); Cade Cowell and Ariana Garcia Larios, (both Sam Vaughn fourth-graders, CST math); Iris Gutierrez (Sam Vaughn sixth-grader, CST math); Landon Horstman (Sam Vaughn third-grader, CST math); Emmely Vargas Millan (Westport fourth-grader, CST English Language arts); Alexandra Quinonez (Walter White sixth-grader, CST math); Olivia Gil and Adriana Huaracha (both Whitmore Charter School of Technology fifth-graders, CST math); Eliana Montalvo (Whitmore Charter High School junior, CST English Language arts); Izaak Sengsoury (Whitmore Charter School of Technology fourth-grader, CST math); Taleyna Sengsoury (Whitmore Charter School of Technology seventh-grader, CST math); Noah Trevino (Whitmore Charter School of Technology fourth-grader, CST math); and Ashlynn Walker (Whitmore Charter High School senior, CST math).