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Smyrna Well gets a major flushing
Your eyes weren't fooling you if you saw small lakes forming in Smyrna Park recently under clear skies.

The city of Ceres' Water Division flushed sand from the Smyrna Park well to help clear it and as a result areas of the park were flooded. The skatepark and an open area east of the skatepark were inundated.

Sand began appearing in the park well in October, a city employee said. It was shut down because sand can clog up equipment and taps and would have become a public relations dilemma.

Public Works director Phil Scott said that the flushing has been known to be an inexpensive way to solve the problem. Inititally the city sent in a closed-circuit TV camera to diagnose and fix the problem but it didn't work.

"We tried to repair it in another fashion. It didn't work."

Flushing out the well and pumping the water out is a process called "overdeveloping," said Scott.

"If the sand is out, we can put it back into service. If not, the city will have to re-line the well." The job would cost an estimated $25,000 to $45,000.