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Uncle Sam sends surprise pay to Ceres teachers
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Ceres Unified School District received $1.8 million from the federal Education Jobs Bill.

The Ceres School Board approved a plan for utilizing the funds on Nov. 4.

About 1,000 employees will receive a one-time payment later this month equivalent to 3.25 percent of their annual salary.

Those workers agreed to take an 8.5 percent salary cut in 2010-11 earlier this year.

"We were notified by the district and met with them to discuss how and when the money would be dispersed," CUTA President Cheryl Brewer said. "Every little bit helps. It will certainly help families get through this year. Some people will use some of the money to pay for health care in the spring."

Passed by Congress on Aug. 10, the federal jobs bill provided $10 billion to school systems throughout the United States.

Ceres Unified will disperse funds on Nov. 30.

"We didn't anticipate this extra money coming in," said CUSD Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Division Fred Van Vleck . "We divided it equally amongst all employees. It was an easy decision."