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Voters reject Condit
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Chad Condit's message that he would offer an independent voice in Washington didn't resonate far on Election Day last week. The Ceres resident and son of the former Rep. Gary Condit failed to generate enough cash and votes in his bid for Congress and was trumped by incumbent Congressman Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) and astronaut Jose Hernandez, a Modesto Democrat.

Denham amassed 41,859 votes (49.1 percent) while Hernandez picked up 23,554 votes (27.7 percent) in the June 5 election. The pair will face off for the 10th Congressional District in the Nov. 6 presidential election.

Condit fell short with 13,339 votes, or 15.7 percent.

Manteca Democrat Mike Barkley who called himself a progressive collected 4,527 votes (5.3 percent). Troy Wayne McComak finished last place with 1,890 votes (2.2 percent).

Voter turn-out was dismal in Ceres and throughout Stanislaus County. Few voters were drawn to the polls on June 5, with the marquee Republican Presidential Primary already largely decided given California's late election date. The early success of Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who led the statewide results with 81.2 percent of the vote, had essentially secured his place on the November ballot prior to the June 5 vote. Texas congressman Ron Paul was running second in statewide Republican primary voting, with 9.2 percent of the vote.

Despite low turnout, Stanislaus County's one-eighth cent library sales tax earned overwhelming voter approval. A total of 38,291 voters (81.6 percent) wanted to see the tax, which was scheduled to sunset, continue. They overruled 8,637 voters (18.4 percent) who wanted the tax to cease.

"When we told people here they were all screaming and yelling," said Vanessa Czopek, county librarian, who is also a Ceres resident. "I think it's just proof that the whole county values their library."

Czopek credited the grassroots supporters of the library who pushed Measure T, which will ensure Stanislaus County's libraries are funded through 2018.

The sales tax costs the average Stanislaus County household $20 per year, and accounts for 87 percent of the library system's revenue. Had the measure failed, libraries would have likely closed.

Supervisor Jim DeMartini handily defeated Daniel Padilla in his bid for re-election. A Westport farmer, DeMartini collected 5,075 votes (61.4 percent) over Padilla's 3,155 votes (38.2 percent).

Unopposed in his district, Supervisor Vito Chiesa of Hughson picked up 10,236 votes. Two hundred forty-four voters wrote in a name.

Of the 220,567 registered voters in Stanislaus County, 47,985 bothered to vote, which equates to a 21.7 percent voter turn-out.

Of the two state propositions, California voters approved Prop. 28, the limits on legislators' terms in office by a margin of 61.2 percent to 38.8 percent. Prop. 29, the increase in tax on cigarettes, failed with 2.29 million voters opposed and 2.26 million in favor.