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Wienermobile offered fun break to shoppers
The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile pulled into the Food-4-Less parking lot on Mitchell Road in Ceres just before 11 a.m. on Friday.

It didn't take long for people of all ages to take notice.

"We get a lot of attention wherever we stop," Northwest Region Hotdogger Rachel Kerr said.

Betty Genova, a long-time Ceres resident, couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted the 27-foot long, 11-foot high attraction. It brought back childhood memories.

"I always carry my camera with me," she said. "I had to stop and get a picture."

Haydee Jimenez of Modesto took pictures of her four children as they toured the Wienermobile. Luz, 10, Juan, 7, Jimmy, 3, and Haydee, 3, had a blast.

"That was fun," Juan said.

Accompanied by their mothers, locals Jacob Trayer (two), Julian Sisto (three) and Carlos Delgado (three) also boarded the wiener wagon. They couldn't stop smiling.