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Work continues on Hatch Road bike path
It will be several more weeks until the bike path stretches even farther on Hatch Road, linking Boothe Road on the east side to Central Avenue.

Last week a metal bridge with cage was dropped in over a section of the Turlock Irrigation District canal near Walmart.

"We're hoping to be open in the next two or three weeks," said Mike Brinton, director of the Public Works Department and acting city engineer.

A 30-foot long premanufactured bridge was set in place by a crane on Monday, March 28.

Currently only the section of bike path between Mitchell Road and Moffet Road have been in use.

To finish a section of bike path running west of Moffet Road the city had to underground the canal south of Walgreen's.

At its meeting on Dec. 13 the City Council approved a construction project of a bike path between Central Avenue and approximately south of Payne Avenue at a cost of $603,000. It also approved extending a bike path east from Mitchell Road to Boothe Road at a cost of 223,239. Ross F. Carroll Construction was the lowest bidder on both segments of the project. Coupled with the bike path that's already been built, the 10-foot wide bike path extending from Central Avenue to Boothe Road will have cost a jaw-dropping $1.5 million. The cost is covered by federal congestion management and air quality mitigation money intended to promote non-motorized forms of transportation and reduce air pollution.

After the two latest sections are completed, the city will be looking to link the path from Central Avenue on the north side of Hatch Road to Richland Avenue. That section will be expensive as well with sections of the canal being placed in underground pipes.