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Bill Noble bids farewell
My first story was printed in the Ceres Courier on Jan. 1, 2003. This will be my last.

Over the past five years I have told you many things about my childhood growing up in the Ceres area. Also other memories of days long gone that I was able to recall and tell about.

I have experienced the pleasure of receiving many e-mails, letters and phone calls pertaining to something I have written for the Courier. I have received some from old friends that I haven't seen since I attended grammar school in Ceres in the 1930s. I also heard from the daughters of my sixth-grade teacher and some letters from people I have never met. This has been rewarding to me and I wish to thank everyone who has contacted me over the past five years!

Polly, my wife, has helped me so much in these past five years, indeed, in our 57 years of marriage. We had just $250 when we married and started out a life together. Here is a photo of the two us taken in 1950 as newlyweds with our black dog. We spent the early stages of our marriage in the little red house I have told about so often in my stories.

Polly helped drive the tractor during our harvest of the grapes and recently helped me transmit the stories to the Courier via e-mail - after editing them and correcting some of my spelling and punctuation.

Her greatest accomplishment, however, was in the raising of our three children, two boys and a girl, now in their 50s. We all live close together, each in our own homes in Sequim, Wash.

So you can see that we have traveled the road of matrimony for some time, working together in good times and bad.

I have enjoyed writing something of interest for you to read each week!

I may, from time to time, get a notion to write another story depending on my memory of past events. But for now it's so long.

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