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Democrats ignoring short- & long-term effects of vaccines
Frank Aquila

Democrats are ignoring the science when it comes to COVID vaccines, only pushing their personal opinions which is why thousands of doctors, nurses, health care professionals, and first responders who would rather be fired than take the vaccine and boosters. At the same time, Democrats have protected themselves along with staffers, not requiring them to take the vaccine as well as granting immunity from any potential lawsuits to the pharmaceutical companies making the vaccine. Just us stupid Americans are mandated.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) usually spends 12-15 years approving drugs and vaccines followed with disclaimers of potential side effects; but these COVID vaccines have been fast-passed with advertisement falsely stating “safe and effective.” Actually, the American people have become lab rats with various doctors warning their short- and long-term dangers, while being silenced from some Facebook fact-checker sitting in his underwear down in his mother’s basement.

Two top officials from the FDA resigned over Biden’s pushing of the approval of vaccines and boosters without adequate research. Dr. Philip Krause and Dr. Marion Gruber, who was director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccine Research and Review with 32 years of service, resigned last month.

There are several short- and long-term effects from the various vaccines by various doctors and even the Center of Disease Control (CDC) through their own Dr. Matthew Oster admits the vaccines cause heart inflammation stating, “We don’t know the potential mechanisms yet.” Heart inflammation, called myocarditis has symptoms such as chest pain, fatigue, shortness of breath according to Dr. Vanderhoff.  Dr. Rodger MacArthur noticed the second dose of Pfizer and Moderma causes inflammation in “the heart muscle or the lining around the heart.” Dr. Shimabukuro admits there is a link to heart inflammation in young people stating evidence is growing linking COVID vaccines to heart issues. (And these politicians want to give these vaccines to children?) Dr. Byram Bridle noted a protein in the vaccine circulates in your body causing inflammation to various organs, including the heart, while lodging in the cell walls, creating micro-clots. Dr. Brian Lipman agrees that those micro-clots have caused blood clots to occur in the body, including the leg and brain in some children. Dr. Andreas Greinacher noted in his study of the Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines that suggest certain proteins may be responsible for these dangerous and potentially deadly blood clots.

Dr. Ryan Cole is a Mayo-Clinic trained, Board Certified, Anatomic Pathologist, Clinical Pathologist, Dermato-Pathologist with Ph.D. research in immunology states not only are there issues with the protein effecting inflammation of the heart but also these vaccines are inhibiting a person’s T-cells from performing their function to kill cancer cells in the body. He states, there is “20 time increase” of cancer in vaccinated patients as there is a “drop in your killer T-cells, in your CD8 cells. Dr. Cole states there is evidence the vaccine may be lowering fertility and permanently crippling the type of T-cells that are necessary to fight off cancer and noticed a “20 fold increase of uterine cancer” just in the past six months.

Dr. Peter Schirmach and Dr. Peter McCullough both have performed autopsies on various people who died shortly after taking the vaccines. Dr. Schirmach concluded 30 to 40 percent probably died from the vaccine with Dr. McCullough concluding from his study as much as 86 percent of the deaths could be related to the vaccines.

While China created the virus, it is benefiting from the vaccines as Pfizer has four facilities in China. Recently, whistleblower Melissa Stricker revealed Vanessa Gelman, the Senior Director of Worldwide Research, Development, and Medical Communications had attempted to hide information of human fetal tissue within the vaccine to prevent grounds for religious exemptions.

If the pharmaceutical companies are willing to hide information, the government is willing to ignore the science, mandating a vaccine on the people while exempting themselves, who do you trust? When doctors and nurses like Pam from Oschner Family Medicine states, “I will not take it and if I get fired, so be it,” then we must realize the mandate is only a personal feeling ignoring the science and the many professionals who are willing to lose their job over it.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin/Stanislaus Conservative Patriots. He can be emailed at