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Democrats’ left-wing lunacy for November
Frank Aquila
Frank Aquila

November provided many topics including a caravan of people attempting to enter America illegally. While the trip would have been shorter toward Texas, they chose the longer California route due to California’s Sanctuary State policies.

President Trump warned there were criminals among the caravan and he was proven correct as MS-13 gang members and an individual wanted for murder were apprehended by Border Patrol as the few among 500 criminals estimated by Department of Homeland Security. Yet, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra was seeking a way to charge Border Patrol officers with a crime for using authorized reaction of pepper spray against those who rushed the border. Never mind that Border Patrol agents were assaulted including one agent with a severe eye injury from flying rocks thrown at them. Governor-elect Gavin Newsom has already put out an order to remove the California National Guard from the border to make the border less secure.

Question for Democrats: If you think capitalism is evil and prefer socialism, why was the caravan trying to come to America and not to Venezuela? It is less than half the distance.

With the election, Californians will be paying more in taxes for the Democrat’s socialist agenda. Democrats were also successful in flipping Republican Congressional House seats through what appears to be several forms of voter fraud. While this is a topic I will write further about later, can the Democrats explain how an individual named “Raul” from Modesto, born in 1900, which would make him nearly 119 years old has voted in recent elections? Strange since the oldest known living American is 112 years old.

And while you’re at it with your claim of no voter fraud, can you explain then why Gov. Jerry Brown pardoned former state Senator Roderick Wright who was convicted of voter fraud and perjury in 2014? Maybe also you can explain why 250 counties across America have more people registered in vote that are actually living in those counties? And isn’t it ironic that Democrats state they are against foreign interference; but are willing to allow illegal immigrants to voter? In Florida, Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes was able to find 46,000 votes in a trunk of a car; but lost 2,000 votes in her office? I am sure one of those votes not lost was the Parkland High School mass killer, who sadly was allowed to vote while his victims will never have their voice heard or vote counted.

Speaking of fraud, it is outrageous that Brown blamed global warming on the disastrous wildfires in Paradise. This is after Brown’s lack of leadership on the water supply in California that nearly caused a dam to break a year ago.

And speaking of global warming, someone forgot to mention we are actually in a 2 ½ year cooling trend. According to Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center, “We see a cooling trend.” He continued, “If current trends continue, it could set a Space Age record for cold.” “It could happen in a matter of months.” No wonder Democrats no longer use the term “global warming” and instead use the term, “climate change.” Global warming just wasn’t working for them after all. And these are the same people who cannot tell the difference between a boy and a girl, forcing everyone to just be whatever you feel you are at that moment.

Speaking of political correctness, the Democrats have now accused Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving as being “racist” since it shows Franklin, a black character, sitting on one side of the table during the Thanksgiving meal. Democrats have also attacked the Christmas classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer because his Rudolph’s father was berating him and the other reindeers bullied Rudolph. You just can’t make this stuff up! Good thing they weren’t playing ball tag!

Speaking of Christmas, it is wonderful that we have a president who is not politically correct and says, “Merry Christmas” and not “Happy Holidays” since Christmas is about Jesus being the Reason for the Season. However, in Virginia, a school has decided to eliminate all Christmas songs referencing Jesus so not to offend anyone. Well, to me it is offensive since Jesus is the reason for Christmas. The Democrats would love to remove Christmas and have made every effort to slowly remove Christmas each year.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.” He can be reached at