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Democrats using KGB tactics to take Trump down
Frank Aquila

Russia was not always under communist rule.  In 1917, Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevicks, who were known as the Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party, seized control of the government and suppressed all political rivals through the forming of a secret police in 1918, known as the “Red Terror” which estimates up to 200,000 political rivals were executed. Once Lenin had one party control, Russia has been ruled by communism since 1925, later naming their secret agency the KGB.

The Democrat Party, like the Russian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party of Lenin, also strives to have one-party control and have shown their hand to take out their political enemies, mainly Donald Trump.

Since Trump is the likely opponent for the 2024 presidency against the Democrats, the Democrats’ KGB has done everything in their power short of assassination to stop Trump since 2016.

In the 2016 Election, the Democrat Party through the FBI and their allies in the Democrat controlled media had conspired to suppress and manipulate Trump supporters with anything and everything to make sure he loses.  


In 2016, Trump Tower was wiretapped and the FBI conspired to make sure Trump would not be elected as noted through text messages of disgraced FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. They revealed the plot as “an insurance policy” known as “Crossfire Hurricane” when Perkins Coie, a law firm representing Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) paid Fusion GPS $12 million to do opposition research on Donald Trump.  Fusion GPS hired ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who is worked with FBI Directors Bruce Orr and Andrew McCabe, compiled false allegations from Russian operatives in what has become known as the “Trump Dossier.” Using false information, the FBI opens an investigation into allege collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and obtains a FISA warrant to surveil Trump and associates using the dubious dossier, concealing false information and operative research from the judge, as well as using a false media report designed from Steele as supportive evidence.

On Election Day 2016, Strzok wrote, “OMG THIS IS F***ING TERRIFYING.” Page replied, “Omg, I am so depressed.” Later on Nov. 13, 2016, Page wrote, “I bought ‘All the President’s Men.’ Figure I need to brush up on Watergate.”


The FBI attempted to set up a number of Trump’s advisors of colluding with the Russian government including Trump’s National Security Director General Michael Flynn, Foreign Policy Advisor Carter Page, political consultant Paul Manafort, and aide George Papadopoulos. Each was told to testify (to say what the FBI wanted them to say) against Trump or their fake charges would place them in prison for life according to published books.

From 2016-2019, every day the Democrat controlled media reported on Fake Trump-Russian collusion.


The plan from the Democrats’ “secret police” was to use Robert Mueller, the former director of the FBI, to come back with a report of Trump colluding with the Russians through testimony against Trump. From there, the Democrats would have Watergate II to prosecuted Trump with impeachment. With no such conspiracy, the Special Counsel admitted there was no collusion by Trump with Russia, which sparked the Durham Investigation into the set up against Trump that is still ongoing. 

Democrats were angry and had to set up their own impeachment.


An unidentified “whistleblower” complaint led to a Democrat House impeachment; but acquittal by the Senate regarding a conversation Trump had with Ukrainian President Zelensky, who stated there were no issues in their conversation.


Trump had a large lead in several states going into the early morning when all the vote counting stopped. The documentary “2000 Mules” show illegal voting on a massive scale. The Democrats changed election rules to mail out ballots during COVID as boxes of ballots were delivered all for Democrats in the dark of night 1,000-plus affidavits show. When Trump spoke against a stolen election, Democrats capitalized as National Guard troops that were offered by Trump on Jan. 3 was denied by Nancy Pelosi. John Sullivan along with 200 other ANTIFA members wearing Trump garb as well as Ray Epps and other FBI officials and officers encouraged Trump supporters to enter the Capitol.  Democrats tried to blame Trump with one-sided testimony through the Jan 6 Commission.


With a failure of the Jan 6 Commission, and Trump showing strong in the polls to be the Republican nominee in 2024, the Democrat weaponized the FBI and DOJ to raid President Trump’s residence for classified records, which had been locked and sealed in a room by the FBI months earlier. Therefore, the warrant provided the FBI to collect any material from any room in a fishing exposition to gather or plant any material to be used as a potential crime to prevent Trump from running in 2024. 

Like Lenin, the Democrats want to take out their political opponents and will continue to use their own KGB until they have ultimate one party control of America.  Like Lenin, once the Democrats get that ultimate control, they will never give it up again.

“It’s not the people who vote that count; it’s the people who count the votes.”- Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin Stanislaus Conservative Patriots. He may be emailed at