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Diplomacy first, then Jong-un must go
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette

I really don't want to take my column space to write anything else about Kim Jong-un. There is so much going on in America and the world that I would rather write about.

Here we are again with this idiot dominating the news. I don't think anyone has ever liked this weirdo. For the past decade we have simply brushed him off as the North Korea kook. Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman has been there to play basketball and the dictator referred to Rodman as the highest-ranking diplomat to visit North Korea from the United States. Huh? Rodman is just a retired professional basketball player.

Jong-un has been test launching one missile after another with the hopes of achieving the kind of missile that would reach the United States. You see how much everybody loves America? I do think we have some friends. My wife and I visited France recently and everyone was very congenial to us in that country. Jong-un is not a friend. I wouldn't go to North Korea. Do you remember what they did to Otto Warmbier from Cincinnati? They held him captive for 17 months and sent him home 99 percent dead in a coma. He died shortly after being returned to Cincinnati. No American should be allowed to visit North Korea.

Is China our friend? Reports have come that China's trade with North Korea has increased by 40 percent in the last three months. China's slave wages and currency manipulation have not been a friend to our country the last 20 years. Is Japan our friend? They haven't gotten over the two bombs we dropped on them during World War II. The bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed approximately 129,000 people. However they hit us first at Pearl Harbor.

Jong-un is obviously not the kind of guy you want to hang out with but sometimes you have to. Should Trump send Rodman over to talk to Jong-un? He could say something like, "Sir, would you please stop launching missiles?" He could take him a signed basketball or maybe present him with five-foot tall trophy. Why not? Do you think that would be stupid? Well, it's stupid but sometimes you try stupid to deal with stupid.

Next, Trump should invite him to the White House - or meet him in China. Diplomacy must always be the first course of action. Trump or Nikki Haley should try to spend a day talking to Jong-un. Buy him a Coke, take him golfing, take him on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and give him some of Kentucky's famous brew. Maybe if he drank enough of it he would calm down. Or, he might start competing with China to buy some of the billion dollar brew. By the way, China now owns one of the oldest distilleries' in Frankfort, Ky. This should be illegal. Once hooked on Kentucky bourbon then we tell Jong-un that we will not sell any to North Korea unless he settles down and stops being stupid.

Rodman, Trump, Haley and even Kentucky Bourbon may not work. So what do we do with North Korea? My son spent a year in South Korea and we have over 100,000 Americans there now - many of them our military. There are millions of good hard-working South Koreans who love America. We don't want them bombed off the planet and Jong-un is crazy enough to do it.

Can we take out their missiles? Apparently we don't know where they all are. Taking out only a few would surely mean North Korea launching theirs and the result would be devastating to South Korea and maybe others. Plus, they would surely hurl one toward Alaska or even California.

A cyber attack sounds like a good idea if we can really pull it off but how long will that work? Not forever.

The problem is Jong-un, at least for the moment. He needs to be talked to. There should be a conversation. There should be an attempt at reasoning. Send Dr. Robert Jeffress from First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas to tell him about Jesus. Try anything.

The bottom line is if diplomacy doesn't work then Jong-un must go.

It's a bigger job than sending a Navy Seal team in to take him out. I don't want to lose a bunch of our good soldiers in a mission that might be impossible. On the other hand I don't want to lose an American city and 50,000 people in a nuclear bomb attack. We cannot and must not take that chance. Jong-un is on a mission of insanity and he must go.

Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated columnist and author of 11 books. He is read in all 50 states.