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Donald Trumps tone, problem and political wussies
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette

Donald Trump has one problem. He is not a career politician.

Career politicians have learned the art of being big wussies. They know how to talk out of both sides of their mouths. They know how to keep the special interest groups happy while making backroom deals with lobbyists loaded with campaign fund cash. Career politicians know Muhammed Ali's rope a dope trick that Hillary Clinton recently used on some journalists. Although Ali used that trick to whip the snot out of George Foreman in Zaire, Hillary used the rope to dodge, run and hide from nasty journalistic blows in Gorham, New Hampshire.

Trump can't rope a dope. He doesn't know how. All Trump knows how to do is to stand toe to toe and throw, well, uh words. Don't let that make you withdraw from your ringside seat. Trump is extremely capable of rendering punishing blows with words that deliver one sting after another. "You're fired," and "Rapist" are just a couple of stinging zingers.

Donald Trump is not the smooth talking, teleprompter reading Barack Obama.

Trump is not the Bush Boy raised in wealth, political aristocracy and who will go out of life feeling like a failure if he doesn't make president like his dad and brother. Trump is not a slob like Chris Christie who pushes his weight around and reminds me more of a mafia boss closing a lane on the George Washington Bridge.

Actually, I have never been a Trump fan. I rarely watched the Apprentice, thought he had made some personal mistakes in the past and that his ego was bigger than a Marriott hotel ballroom. However, Trump is not a career politician. He has been one of America's very successful businessmen and television entertainers. He is not stupid. He communicates even though his rant about Mexican illegals did not come out the way his Republican competition would have liked. To that I say, too bad for them because a large number of Americans are sick and tired of wussy talk and even worse, wussy politicians. Our country is at a serious juncture in our history. Look at Greece. We are headed in that direction rapidly. Something radical must be done or we will become like Greece, hungry, poor and with very little hope for the future.

Trump means business when he talks about the border, bringing jobs home and illuminating ISIS's money flow. Maybe he has not articulated the way the Republicans want him to. They want him to tone it down. Interesting, illegals are running us over in this country. Jobs are flooding to Mexico and China and Americans become poorer and poorer. ISIS is on the move recruiting everybody they can via Twitter. Thus, they are asking Trump to tone it down. How can anyone running for office seriously be running a relaxed, calm and low-intensity campaign? I think it's time for someone to get mad about this mess that is drowning our nation and like Howard Beale in the movie Network, get mad as hell and not take it anymore!

We also need a few million Americans to wake up, get mad and stop electing wussy politicians who just want to build their legacy, get a government paycheck and then dodge dealing with issues such as illegal immigrants who have broken the law. They have invaded our nation illegally. They are working illegally. They have been employed illegally. Both the employer and the immigrants are criminals. We need a president who will crack down on these people. So, for the Republicans who are worried about tone I say, yell louder Trump. Stomp your feet and wake up the wussies. Time is not on our side.

Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated American columnist and author. He is read in all 50 states. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily representative of our publication.