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Eight keys for making your life better
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette - photo by Contributed to the Courier

The world in general can be a dim place. However here are eight keys to making life better.

Key #1: Learn new skills. Education and training are a part of life. Do not embrace the "I am stuck" mentality. You can teach old dogs new tricks. Education does not necessarily mean college although it may. There are many trades you can learn today via self-study. Community college and vocational schools also offer a lot of learning opportunities you can complete in less than a year. Keep learning.

Key #2: Live healthy. A long life is never guaranteed no matter what we do. We can at least do our part by not being stupid. Daily activity and cutting back on food portions are important. Eliminate smoking and drink only in moderation. Halloween through New Year's is a big health mess up period for many. So now is the time to beware.

Key #3: Save money. This is very difficult to do if you are living on a meager income. Even putting a few dollars away each week or month might save you when an emergency arises. Having a little money on hand to pay cash for something instead of using credit will be a relief.

Key #4: Live enjoyably. Allow yourself to do something every day that you can really get into. This may be simply reading, listening to music or could be a myriad of hobbies. Enjoy your life.

Key #5: Have a plan. Work toward something. Have something to look forward to. Involve your mind in a project or projects that keep you focused each day on moving forward toward accomplishing something. This could be as easy as cleaning out the garage or making a quilt. Have something you are doing today and tomorrow.

Key #6: Stay bright on the inside. Don't be negative or bitter about life. Allow yourself to laugh. Enjoy some humor along the way.

Key #7: Real relationships. You need a friend or two. Close relationships whether they are family or friends give us real people to share life with. You probably aren't going to find these on social media. Be careful of too many because a person of too many friends will soon come to ruin.

Key #8: Always vote. Sounds out of place in this column but it's a major factor in bringing about community and society change, which impacts your life greatly.

There is never one silver bullet for making our lives happy. We can't depend on the government or even people to make us happy. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and do the best we can with the lives we have been handed.

Glenn Mollette, an syndicated columnist and author, is the author of 11 books and read in all 50 states. This column does not necessarily reflect the view this paper or media source.