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Harvest time in America, pursuing and reaping happiness
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette - photo by Contributed to the Courier

Is happiness possible?

Problems plague the world. They always have.

The world has never been void of troubles. War, hunger and unhappiness have dominated this life. There is plenty to go around.

The news gets us down. We hear about ISIS, Ebola and abusive NFL football players. We've watched communities torn apart such as Ferguson, Mo. On top of this we cannot avoid non-stop political ads that pick opponents apart but never offer solutions on how to fix some of our troubles. While we have dramatic national and world troubles many Americans struggle with unhappiness. We battle depression, drugs, obesity, personal and family issues and a lack of job skills to survive.

Where is the happiness? We are only guaranteed the pursuit of this good feeling.

We are only here briefly, so why not go for it? Today, go for some happiness, it's legal in America.

With any pursuit there are seasons. There is the season of pursuing or planting.

And then comes the season of harvest or enjoying what you pursued. Farmers understand this concept. Whatever you pursue is a possibility. Some pursuits take time and may be extremely difficult. However, that day comes when it sometimes becomes reality. Often the reality is never quite as enjoyable as we imagined. Or, it may be more than we imagined. With every accomplishment there is a price. It depends on how much you want to sweat, study, work and toil.

Today, what do you want? What would make you happy? Often it begins with imagination. If we can imagine it we can begin to seek it. We simply have to know what we are seeking and why. Sometimes we don't know why. If we can determine what it is we want then with that clarity we can begin to knock on all the doors and utilize every possible roadmap to find what we think we want.

Be careful what you think about. Often a simple thought may begin a whole new life for you, good or maybe not. Thinking about a new career, a new direction, a new hobby or a different lifestyle is the beginning.

This is a good day to contemplate something good, lovely and positive. I realize a thought guarantees nothing. Many of us have been thinking about eating better but never do it. We think about giving up bad habits but constantly delay. We think about some new life choices that would make us feel better. Yet, we delay until tomorrow or just give up.

Today is a good day to write down two or three things you really want to do. Carry this piece of paper with you every day. Finally, go for it. Even if it doesn't work out, half of the fun is pursuing the happiness.

Glenn Mollette is an American columnist and author. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily representative of any other group, organization or this publication. Like his facebook page at