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How Republicans & Democrats differ
Frank Aquila

No family will agree on all issues; but when making your political choices, see which political party you agree with the most before you vote between Republican and Democrat viewpoints concerning America.


Republican: Pro-life debate if life begins at conception or a heartbeat.

Democrat: Pro-choice, Woman’s right to have an abortion at any stage of pregnancy.


Republican: Legal Immigration and Border Security, E-Verify for employment.

Democrat: Open borders for all to come, No E-Verify for employment, Sanctuary Cities, with government benefits for illegal immigrants.


Republican: Prison Time for violent rioters’ criminal acts.

Democrat: Bail Reform allowing criminals to be released after a crime.


Republican: Parental Rights to know what is being taught to their children (CRT & Gender Identity).

Democrats: Students belong to teachers in the classroom. Teachers’ “right” to teach without parental notification on CRT and gender identity).


Republican: Energy independence lowering the cost of gasoline.

Democrat: Green energy, canceling energy exploration in America.

Gender Affirming Care:

Republican: Transgender treatment ban on children.

Democrat: Legalizes puberty blockers and hormonal therapy at any age of a child.

Gender Terms:

Republican: Keep gender related terms like “Mom.”

Democrats: Use gender neutral terms like “birthing people.”


Republican: Competition to lower cost, allow protection for preexisting conditions.

Democrat: Eliminate private health insurance and replace with single payer health coverage for all, including non-citizens.


Republican: All members of congress and staffers shall be audited to prevent abuse.

Democrat: 87,000 new armed IRS agents to monitor/audit Americans.


Republican: No change to the makeup of the Supreme Court.

Democrat: Add additional justices to the Supreme Court.

Law Enforcement:

Republican: Fund the police, fund Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Democrat: Defund the police and replace them by community organizers, abolish ICE.


Republican: People should be treated equally.

Democrat: Special rights for LGBTQ people.


Republican: “God” is mentioned 10 times in party platform; religion is fabric of America.

Democrat: “God” removed from party platform (2012); remove religion from government.

School Choice:

Republican: Parental use of government funds to send children to a school of their choice.

Democrat: All funding must go to the local school district with no parental option.

Second Amendment:

Republican: Protect Second Amendment for law-abiding citizens.

Democrat: Gun restrictions and confiscation will prevent mass shootings.

Social Security:

Republican: Social Security saving accounts; protection against ineligible recipients.

Democrat: Social Security benefits for non-citizens; raise retirement age for Americans.

Student Loan Debt

Republican: The responsibility of debt belongs to the student by their choice.

Democrat: Free public college and debt forgiveness.

Taxes and Spending:

Republican: Lower Taxes and Controlled Spending to lower inflation.

Democrat: Tax the Rich to fund social programs and the “Green New Deal.”


Republican: Your biological sex should determine which sport you play and bathroom you use.

Democrat: Your choice of what you believe you are should determine which sport you play and which bathroom you use.

Vaccine Mandates:

Republican: “My Body, My Choice” of what I decide I should take.

Democrat: Government has the ability to force mandated vaccines, enact penalties.


Republican: Voter identification required, federal voting holiday to ensure fair elections.

Democrat: No voter identification, mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting.