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Howze believes in red, white and blue while Josh Harder in yellow
Frank Aquila
Frank Aquila

There are distinct differences between Dr. Ted Howze and Josh Harder. Dr. Howze is represented by colors of the red, white and blue, and he takes these colors seriously for various reasons. These colors not only represent the love for our country, our flag, but also our first responders. Each color is symbolic, and each color means something to both Dr. Howze and America.

RED: Dr Howze appreciates our firefighters as the unrecognized first responders who also put their lives on the line each day trying to save people. Red is representative of the fire engine. Dr. Howze was a firefighter himself and understands the dangerous conditions and challenges these men and women face each day. The red in our flag represents the fight or revolution that took place in our country’s birth. It represents the blood that was sacrificed by various patriots.  It represents the hardship those patriots endured. It represents the valor, courage, and strength they had to overcome.

WHITE: Dr. Howze appreciates our doctors, nurses, and EMTs. He understands that those people who work in those professions must also endure long hours, and quick decisions could be the difference between life and death. White is representative of the garments doctors and nurses wear as well as the ambulance. They heal the sick and encourage the weak. Dr. Howze also worked as an EMT and has saved many from sure death. White in our flag represents purity and innocence. 

BLUE: Dr. Howze appreciates our officers and recently stated, “Without law, there is no freedom.” Our freedom only exists when we have a rule of law. Without a rule of law, those who are against individual freedoms of our personal rights are challenged by those who want to disrupt or remove the law, which leads to chaos. Blue represents our officers who are battling evil.  They go toward evil while others run away. Blue on our flag symbolizes justice, freedom, and perseverance.  Many of our officers were also military. The blue also symbolizes their bravery. 

RED, WHITE, and BLUE: The colors combined represent liberation as a stand for independence. It is a symbol of freedom that our forefathers and military bravely fought and sacrificed to achieve. At each event that Dr. Howze holds, he always acknowledges our veterans, our first responders, and a prayer to God. 

The red, white and blue of the American Flag also symbolize courage. Dr. Howze has courage because he is unafraid to have his own Defend the Police movement against a movement to defund the police. In the recent bashing of America and burning of our flag, Dr. Howze stands for our patriots and the red, white and blue.

Yellow is the color of a coward and someone unwilling to fight. On June 25, Josh Harder and the Democrats voted unanimously against the police. The resolution introduced by Republicans prevented defunding of police, condemned violence and rioting, and called for justice for George Floyd. The resolution stated the importance of law enforcement in America, condemned officers who abuse their positions of authority, and supported peaceful protests. So why would Josh Harder and the Democrats be against such a bill? It is because Josh Harder has kneeled in solidarity with the anarchists who have destroyed monuments, statues, burned the red, white and blue and called for defunding of the police. A coward is someone who hides behind his own private security while being willing to defund the protection of ordinary citizens.

Josh Harder does not support the same values of most Americans, especially in this district. Most Americans supports the police, peaceful protests, and condemn the violence and rioting of those who targeted law enforcement, monuments, Americans, and the red, white and blue.

While Dr. Ted Howze proudly wears and supports our red, white and blue, Josh Harder hides in cowardly yellow.

I personally want to invite all to come to a rally to support our first-responders and defend the police with Dr. Ted Howze on Saturday, August 8 on the corner of E. Yosemite and Spreckles (Food 4 Less shopping center) from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Manteca with an invocation at 10 a.m. followed by a salute to our American Flag. Social distancing and face coverings are encouraged.

Our firefighters and medics are often overlooked and our officers are often underappreciated for all they do as first-responders. They are our red, white and blue. Thank you.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere” and can be emailed at