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Howze took a stand while Harder took a knee
Frank Aquila
Frank Aquila

Josh Harder has a difficult time taking a stand. He was asked by his supporters to “take a stand” to “defund the police.” Harder did not respond and apparently didn’t want to “take a stand” on the issue. This is concerning because his silence shows he is unwilling to do what is right in his mind. I dislike politicians who are afraid to “take a stand” on an issue. By Harder’s slowness to respond he appears to be both willing to “defund the police” without willing to say so. We don’t need politicians like Josh Harder who are hesitant to “take a stand” for our law enforcement community.

I know where Ted Howze will “take a stand” and that is for our officers. He will never support an effort to “defund the police.” On his Facebook page Ted Howze wrote the following: “As a former firefighter/EMT, I can tell you firsthand that dismantling law enforcement is a really bad idea and disservice to our community.”

Democrats have actually blocked a Republican measure to condemn the “Defund the Police” movement. Democrats like Harder have sided with the rioters and against police officers. Democrats have suggested replacing officers with psychologists. This is insanity. At the same time, Democrats across the nation are pushing to close prisons and release criminals. Gov. Newsom has already announced he will close two prisons in California. Democrats have already started to pull officers from schools in various states and including Los Angeles making our children human targets in “gun free zones.”

The Democrats have become the party of criminals and given more rights to the criminals than to the victims. At the same time, the Democrats are labeling all police officers as the problem with the “Defund the Police” movement. Who is going to enforce the “gun free zones”? A psychologist? Who is going to stop a mob attack or a gang rape?

What would America look like with no police? To get an idea, watch the 1981 movie, “Escape from New York.” America would become a different nation with criminal cartels controlling the streets and our politicians – if that is not already occurring on a smaller scale already. We would not be able to trust our fellow American to do the right thing. There would be no punishment for wrong behavior. Crime would pay as businesses would close as no one would respect the rules to pay for anything. No one would enforce the laws and all people would be on their own to survive. Those with guns would rule the street while ordinary citizens would live in fear expecting to shoot to defend their own property. The streets would be ruled by gangs as they would protect those citizens who pay for their protection in extortion, knowing there are no police to prevent rival gangs from terrorizing the neighborhood. Murder, rape, assaults, shootings, thievery, and all other crimes would skyrocket as crime and violence would riddle the streets.

Those corrupt politicians in office will have protection from the gang and criminal cartels as long as they do what is told. Those corrupt politicians will have their own security provided by the criminals. Political power would be guaranteed.

While all of this seems to be unreal, it is already happening in various cities. Look how Seattle anarchists and rioters took control of part of the city demanding the abolishment of the police department, and granting amnesty. Look to Minneapolis where the city council has already laid the groundwork to dismantle the police department. The coordinated riots have put officers in a bad position as rioters gained confidence that they can overcome the cops knowing there are no consequences for their actions. That picture has now shown America that these anarchists and rioters are emboldened in their power to drive officers from the street for a society ruled by criminals.

The Democrat Party has become the party of criminals controlled by a mob demanding their stance for criminal rights and control. While they may not get it in full control now, there are enough Democrats already joining them and those that will remain silent like Josh Harder are willing to join them once he feels it is safe.

There is a clear distinction between the directions of America. Allow America to be run by the rule of law or allow America to be run by the lawless.

Howze took a stand for the rule of law; but Harder took a knee.

Frank Aquila is president of the San Joaquin-Stanislaus Conservative Patriots and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.” He can be emailed at