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If anyone deserves death its Mark Mesiti who gets life instead
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After having written about the Mark Mesiti case for well over a decade, I was relieved to see "justice" served on Friday. Mesiti was convicted and sentenced for the 2006 Ceres death of his 14-year-old daughter. This man committed unspeakable atrocities against underage girls after he drugged them so they would be unable to fight against his perverse quests. On top of that he kept an archive of the perverted images of him and three girls, one of which was daughter Alycia Mesiti.

As we grieve for what his victims suffered, it would be easy at this point to join in the chorus of voices that scream, "Rot in hell, you evil bastard." But, remember, God promises redemption for the contrite in heart, the truly repentant, the others who turn to Him, and I hope at some point that this demented soul will eventually seek forgiveness for what he has done. But so far it appears that he is not remorseful to his victims. As he was being sentenced on Friday, Mesiti could only shake his head in mild disbelief. If only he had publicly cried, expressed great sorrow for his acts and asked for forgiveness. That didn't happen.

He has played the court system like a fiddle at great taxpayer expense only to delay justice for his benefit - if you can call being in county jail preferable to time in a state prison. As Mesiti heads to state prison for the rest of his life, the community is left disturbed in trying to reconcile how a father could in supremely vile fashion violate his own daughter to the point of death, bury her in the backyard like some expired pet and pretend for years that she merely ran away. Even more disturbing is to think that somewhere right now, undoubtedly there are other Mark Mesitis inflicting their deleterious evils on another child.

There's something called justice and equity in this life. He took the life of his beloved daughter and now he must forfeit his own freedom when, in reality, he more than certainly deserves death for his crimes. It would be nice if this world never saw the likes of him again but it seems there is no bound to the evil that can fester in the hearts of men and women on this planet. For that reason we should reinstate the death penalty in California.

I was elated that Judge Dawna Frenchie Reeves sternly ended the legal tactics and charades that this monster has been playing. Virtually anyone unfamiliar with the court system could figure out he was only playing games and running out the clock. Mesiti's most recent courtroom drama of reneging on guilty pleas after ending his October trial only to insist he was led astray by attorney Martin Baker, was most deplorable. I admired Baker - indeed felt sorry for him - as he patiently withstood a two-day barrage of flimsy and desperate questions leveled at him by Mesiti's goofball attorney Steven O'Connor who, by the way, now wants to become our District Attorney. It was really enough to make the casual observer sick to his stomach.

It's tragic that in the first instance in which it appeared Mesiti was finally taking responsibility for his crimes against his daughter and two other girls - the only time it appeared he was growing a conscience - was only a selfish act of further delaying sentencing.

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Beware of liars running for Congress.

The partisan rhetoric is almost too much.

Democrat T.J. Cox sent out another campaign fund appeal letter, this one offering his partisan spin on President Trump's first State of the Union address, saying, "I'm glad I had an early dinner. Watching the GOP applaud his policies of division, greed, and extremism always induces a particular form of indigestion."

Interesting observation given that a CBS flash poll had 43 percent of Democrats and 72 percent of Independents liking Trump's speech.

Where does Cox's lie come in? When he states: "It was particularly revolting when the Republicans stood up and cheered as he lied about his record of creating jobs and improving healthcare access."

Cox states Trump hasn't created jobs, which is an obvious lie. The tax cuts to be delivered soon and the decrease in the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent is bringing jobs back to American soil. Apple is bringing more than $250 billion overseas earnings to America and plans to open a new campus and hire 20,000 new USA workers.

Beware of those who refuse to accept the creation of jobs being made by lowering the taxes on corporations.

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In June Michael Eggman said he wouldn't run a third time against Jeff Denham. Apparently he didn't mean it. (Play the Poltergeist theme song) ... He's back.

This time, however, he has lots of company in the Democratic lineup. There's T.J. Cox, Virginia Madueno, Scott Shoblom, Luis Uribe, Josh Harder, Annette Hendricks and Sue Zwahlen.

Oakdale resident Kathy Peixoto suggested Eggman's entry into the race is a "distraction" that will "divide the party and votes. Any egghead who supports Michael Eggman deserves what they are sure to receive - two more years of Jeff Denham."

The left has been working overtime trying to vilify Denham. If you remember, in the election cycle of two years ago they tried to tie him to Trump. One mailer said "Jeff Denham is drinking the Kool Aid" with a Photo-shopped art showing the Kool Aid guy with Trump blonde hair.

The funny thing is Denham has backed plans to allow Dreamers to work toward citizenship and yet the Dems suggest he is .....

Remember that Eggman is a union guy and was rated 0 percent by the National Rifle Association for his stand on gun rights. He was also endorsed by the environmental extremists of the Sierra Club.

If you want an interesting read (with photos and videos), google the Washington Free Beacon article titled, "I Want to Marry Michael Eggman's Daughter" by Robert Charette.

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You may be following the Trump dossier scandal and how the Democrats funded a falsified report on Trump, which the FBI used to get a FISA Court judge to order spying on then candidate Trump, and the Friday release of a memo that explains that the dossier was key to that surveillance. I followed the headlines. If you want to see the bias in news agencies, compare these three headlines. Fox News: "House memo states disputed dossier was key to FBI's FISA warrant to surveil members of Team Trump." CNN's head spin on this significant news story read, "Disputed GOP-Nunes memo released with Trump's approval." ABC ran this headline: "GOP memo alleges FBI and DOJ abused government surveillance powers in Russia probe."

Wow. No wonder people are fed up with the liberal news media.

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