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Is America headed for nothingness?
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette

Congress should immediately put on hold any H-2A agricultural visas and H-2B non-agricultural visas. People are brought in from other countries on these visas to work for as much as 20 to 45 percent cheaper labor than our own American people. Business owners need to invest in America. They need to hire the American people.

Farmers in America are hiring thousands of Mexicans on the H-2A Visa. There are reports of workers being crowded into houses with less pay than farmers would have to pay Americans. We should pay Americans $10 to $15 an hour to do these jobs that Mexicans are doing for much less.

It's time to cut welfare back 25 percent over the next three to five years and 50 percent over the next eight years. People should only be on disabled Social Security if they are truly disabled. Put limitations on food stamps, SSI and unemployment pay. There are plenty of jobs in America. People are flooding this country from all over the world and working in America. We need to take our jobs back. America needs to get back to paying our workers a little more but Americans must go back to work.

The fact that so many Americans are not working is killing this nation. We are dying on the inside. If the tide does not change the day will come when the majority of Americans will be from Mexico, Asia and India. These people who have had to work so hard will gladly eliminate most of our entitlement programs.

It's time to put a tax on everything Mexico and China wants to ship to America. This will hurt at first but we need manufacturers to make their products in America. Give the American manufacturers a corporate tax rate of 15 percent and let's return back to the days of good-paying jobs in America.

Fine employers thousands of dollars for each illegal immigrant they hire. People who break into our country should not be rewarded with a job. Our employers are the major problem.

One of the sources of American pride has been the hard work put into this nation. Our nation once was the envy of the world. We once were considered number one. We became number one through hard work, strong families and a strong faith in God. Would any of us venture to say that America is leading the world now in any of these three categories?

We must return to what made us great or eventually we will be nothing at all.

Glenn Mollette is an syndicated columnist read in all 50 states and the author of 11 books. This column does not necessarily reflect the view of this paper.