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Its unfair to kick out children of illegal aliens
Cannella Headshot NEW
California State Senator Anthony Cannella

California is home to the largest immigrant population, over 10.5 million, in the United States, with more than $240 billion in spending power and $83 billion paid in taxes each year. Immigrants are important members of the California community and many of them are under fear that they will be returned to a country they do not know. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has provided a way for over 425,000 DACA recipients to join our community, but only after a rigorous background check and having met other criteria beyond that of residents.

Recently, several congressional members penned a letter to President Trump imploring the Administration maintain the DACA program. If repealed, California's 215,000 young Dreamers would be sent back to countries they have never known. Not only would the Dreamers be forced in to an unfamiliar environment and taken from their homes, but their removal would lead to an $11.3 billion loss in annual GDP.

The large, positive impact of our vibrant immigrant community is no secret to Californians, as the benefits they provide in our daily lives is evident everywhere you turn. We need to protect these neighbors, friends and family from those who do not recognize their value to our nation, state and communities. I encourage you to support this effort on behalf of California immigrants to keep our communities together.