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The antagonists just keep up their B.S.
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I had a wonderful and much-needed week off and slipped off to Southern California. While I did put together most of the March 28 Courier, some things did slip and for that I apologize. Thanks for dealing with any omissions.

But I must say after the trip and facing traffic, California has gotten way too congested. Idaho looks good.

* * * * *

At the March 23 Legislative Breakfast I sensed that the lefties would be out to create problems for Jeff Denham. You may not know that the Democrats smell blood in the water this year for Denham. They've been organized and dispatching party minions to harass Denham wherever he goes. They think that Denham is vulnerable but with so many Democrats in the field it could help him.

I was told that Ceres Police had nine officers posted at the event in case of any trouble. What does that say of the lefties?

As I sat there and scanned the crowd for potential troublemakers before they made trouble, I was spot on when I assessed one table of misfits. I've seen them at different events. Their goal is to embarrass and cajole, all while making jerks of themselves. They're not interested in solutions or understanding - they are out to solely harass.

When Hosmer insinuated that Republicans and the NRA were responsible for the Florida high school shooting when was committed by a lone whack job, Denham suggested Hosmer "go lobby Sacramento to make California's laws even that much stricter but you and I will have a difference of opinion when it comes to semi-automatic weapons." After a group of Denham antagonists chimed in, the congressman said, "I understand that you want to hold Republicans accountable but not Democrats who run a state like this that has the toughest gun control laws in the country." One antagonist had the audacity to say Denham was making it political! Isn't the sole purpose of the Denham antagonists political in nature? I wouldn't doubt that the DNC is paying these people to show up at morning breakfasts because most people are getting ready to go to work at that hours.

* * * * *

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a local "clown" with camera, a so-called self-proclaimed "First Amendment auditor." No one is more protective of the First Amendment as I am, being a journalist, but this guy is only out for YouTube fame. He is ridiculous and has no real purpose in life.

Essentially he stalks in front of public buildings such as the Ceres Police Department with his camera, hoping to rile up the building occupants - whether it be a school or police building or post office - and get an interaction with people with real jobs which they can exploit.

The pipsqueak behind the Central Cali News Network last week engaged with Michael Anderson of Rep. Jeff Denham's Salida office in the latest video. Anderson should have left the turd alone but he engaged. Anderson, whose son died as a war hero, approached the guy taking his own video, saying, "Smile, hero, smile." Camera stalker starts with his combative attitude. Anderson shields the lens because he doesn't want to be recorded and camera stalker threatens to hit if he is bumped. Tempers flare between the two. Camera turd calls Anderson a "douche bag." He then engages in another staffer - Pete Butler - and starts an argument about him doing his own recording.

On the sidewalk stalker dude says, "You need to understand, I pay your damned salary. I have every right to know what the hell you do." Really? Then go into the office and be civil and ask questions if you really want information instead of video to try to gain your millennial fame?

What is shocking is the number of people who supplied positive comments on his kind of activity. Ask yourself what purpose is it in this post 9/11 world to hang outside of a congressman's office or the back loading dock of the Hudson Station post office, looking suspicious and baiting people who work there? There is no positive function that I can tell.

One wonders what the "auditor" would think if people stood with iPhones outside of his house and videotape him. Would it make him nervous?

I can tell you it would. I had two recent incidences that confound me to this day. The first was when I was taking pictures of the Turlock cemetery through the wrought iron fence from the sidewalk. A woman rolled up shooting video of me. As I walked to my car, she followed, taking pictures of me getting into my car. I threw up my hands as if to say, "What are you doing?" She kept filming. I approached her driver's side door to talk to her to find out what she was doing and she took off. So I followed her and shot my own video.

The second incident happened at a Turlock McDonald's. I was minding my own business, eating breakfast when this guy sits down and stares at me. He got up and moved and stared at me while standing at another location. As I left, he records me getting into my car. The manager comes out and approaches my window, asking if I knew that guy. I said I never saw him in my life. She told me that she felt odd about him and was going to call police.

Those two personal experiences I share because it illustrates the psychological effect of being videotaped by questionable characters.

The so-called auditor - he should be called video stalker - deceives everyone by saying he's doing a story, as if he is some kind of journalist for which he is unprofessionally not. Judging by his foul language and demeanor I'd say he doesn't have much talent, other than making people angry so he can tape them and try to gain fame that way.

Just beware when he comes your way. Ignore him and maybe he will just go away and get a life, perhaps get a job and quit living with mama.

* * * * *

There are times when you personally know a candidate and know that he's a good man. I've known Don Davis for a long time. He used to be my children's high school principal and he goes to the same church I used to go. How many times can you say that your principal wanted to play an instrument with your son during a talent show? Don did.

Don had his unwanted 15 minutes of fame in 2007 when he called two feuding freshmen into his office and said they could face suspension or get down on their hands and knees and apologize and promise that their childish antics end there. The lefties went bananas, saying it was demeaning to the two. I wholeheartedly thought what Don did was great. More people in this country need to be humbled and it's a shame parent don't do this.

Anyway, if you haven't decided who to vote for in the superintendent of Stanislaus County schools, you might consider Don Davis. Like I said, he's a good man.

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