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The future of little Americans
Glenn Mollette
Glenn Mollette - photo by Contributed to the Courier

I just became a grandfather! My new grandson was born early in the morning on July 16. Wow, did you hear me? This is all amazing stuff. This cuddly little seven and a half pound sleeping burrito does amazing stuff like yawning and occasionally even opens his eyes! This little guy fits my arms like a tailor made glove. Surely God blessed his beautiful mom and dad and our entire family. Thank you, God.

I know, I know. People become grandparents every day. I thought I never would and of course that would have been okay. However, it's really super good that I have. I already have pictures galore just in case you want to see them.

My little grandboy reminds me of my son who, a few years back, I held just like I held my grandson yesterday. My two sons were beautiful and were blessings to me. Grandchildren are one more big blessing and one more opportunity. I am thankful.

Okay, okay. I know I'm usually writing about current American issues, politics, religion and Mid-East stuff. The last 24 hours my attitude about all that is who cares? However, I do care because we now have a new little American. I have to wonder and worry just a bit about what he will have to face in this world. What kind of school system will he face? Will college even be affordable? Will there be any jobs in America? Is America going to be a safe place for people to live twenty years from now? Social Security will likely be a thing of the past and will anybody in thirty years be able to afford to go to the doctor? Will he see World War III? Could he even live to see the end of the world as we know it today? Sigh...I know this sounds like such fear and gloom.

We owe all of our new little Americans a chance to enjoy America. America is no longer Mayberry. With this new generation, we still have a lot of hard work to do in this country. We cannot give up preserving our freedom. We must not surrender our boundaries and let evil flood over the walls of our nation to engulf us. The opportunities for education, good health, to pursue happiness and live in a free society must be preserved and even re-won by each generation. Today all of us adults must do all we can to make America great and number one again. We cannot live at ease and surrender ourselves to becoming a third world country. We owe it to ourselves, our forefathers and to all of our little Americans who are being born every day.

We pass on a lot of junk to family and friends as we leave this life. The best we can pass on to our little Americans is a country where they can grow up with love, faith, equality, security, life, liberty and the opportunity to pursue happiness.

Glenn Mollette is an syndicated columnist and author. This column does not necessarily reflect the view of this newspaper.