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Times change but Democrats dont
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Rush Limbaugh recently commented that because of Donald Trump's election Democrats have not been this mad since Republicans freed the slaves. This is unquestionably true. What Rush did not mention is that Democrats are behaving in much the same way as they did in 1860.

For instance, Democrats were quick to point out in 1860 - as they are today - that the Electoral College victor lost the popular vote. In fact, Lincoln lost a little over 60 percent of the popular vote with 81 percent turnout in a four-way race while gaining 180 electoral votes. 152 electoral votes were required to win the election.

Were our current day Democrats around 157 years ago they would be saying the same thing they are saying today: "Is that fair?" "What about democracy?" "We must change the system and get rid of the Electoral College!"

As in 1861 Democrats are now saying they will not obey federal law. Various state municipalities and colleges are claiming to be above the laws on criminal immigrants. In the 1830s the theory was nullification which claimed that since the states formed the federal government they were superior to it and any federal law that violated a state constitution was therefore null and void, which eventually led to the Secession Crisis of the 1860s. While this argument had some internal logic it has always been invalidated by federal courts. The Democrats of the Confederacy called for sanctuary states for slave owners. Our 2017 Democrats have a much simpler theory. It is the "We Won't Do It," theory which has no logic to it whatsoever.

Secession was pushed by the Democrats in 1861 and in 2016. In 1861 it was pushed by Democrat Jefferson Davis in 2016 it is being pushed by Democrat Jerry Brown. Most school children believe that the question of secession was settled by Republicans long ago but the news apparently has not yet reached California Democrats.

Now as then Democrats have a problem with people in blue uniforms. Then it was Union Solders. Now it is the police.

The enforcement arm of the Democrat Party in the 19th century were people dressed in white sheets with pointy hats and white masks and equipped themselves with flaming crosses and torches. Their role was to spread mayhem and intimidate through the use of violence anyone who disagreed with them. In the 21st century the enforcement arm wears black outfits along with black masks and equip themselves with crowbars. Their outfits are better but their aims are the same.

Outrageous rumors are another tool still in the Democrat tool box. The famous dossier on pee gate is similar in unbelievability to the rumor Lincoln was forced to enter Washington, D.C. disguised as a woman.

Another parallel is that the Democrats have once again become a regional minority party. They now represent the Northeast Atlantic and Pacific coasts plus Illinois. Back then, they represented the southeast Atlantic coast plus Texas.

Because of all these similarities can one draw the conclusion we are headed for another war between states? I hope not but there is one thing you can be sure of, if we are, the Republicans will win again.

Don Todd is the President of Americans for Limited Government Foundation.