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Top 10 coronavirus facts the national media is ignoring

“We will vanquish the virus, we will overcome this pandemic, and we will emerge better, stronger, and more unified than ever before.” 

– President Donald J. Trump

A recent  Pew Research poll shows Americans trust Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden over President Trump when it comes to handling the Covid pandemic. As a result of that perceived advantage, Biden is hyper focused on Covid, in this final week of the campaign. And the media is playing right into Biden’s messaging strategy of seeking to frighten Americans into voting for him.

Here are the top ten facts on the Trump administration’s success in handling the Covid epidemic that the media won’t be reporting on this week. According to a White House memo shared with Americans for Limited Government:

1). The United States has a lower excess mortality rate than Europe, including many European countries, such as: the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and others.

2). According to the best estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 99.997 percent of individuals aged 19 and younger who contract coronavirus make a full recovery.

3). 98 percent of those aged 20 to 49 make a full recovery.

4). 99.5 percent aged 50 to 69 fully recover.

5). Of those under the age of 70 who become infected, over 99 percent recover from the disease.

6). Deaths are down 80 percent and are at the lowest level since late March.

7). Hospitalizations due to coronavirus are near their lowest level nationally, with less than six percent of beds currently occupied by coronavirus patients.

8). COVID-like illnesses make up less than three percent of emergency room visits.

9). More than 140 clinical trials for therapeutics are underway and effective therapies have already been developed and deployed, helping lower the fatality rate by over 85 percent since April.

10). There are four vaccines already in the final stage of trials thanks to President Trump’s historic efforts.

So, remember these facts in the days ahead as the politically motivate media attempts to stoke fear over the COVID virus.  To paraphrase President Trump, we have to learn to live with the virus and we know so much more about it now that a smaller and smaller percentage of people who get it are dying.

Catherine Mortensen is the Vice President of Communications at Americans for Limited Government.