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Violence, intimidation & voter fraud
Frank Aquila

A series of investigative reports has revealed a conspiracy between Hillary Clinton and her campaign collaborating with Democrat front groups to incite violence and intimidation at Trump events as well as coordinating voter fraud to ensure a Hillary victory for president.

The Hillary campaign funded the Democrat National Committee (DNC) to pay Democracy Partners, a political consulting company founded by Bob Creamer. Creamer then funded the Foval group, headed by Scott Foval, to organize violence at Trump events and rallies to coordinate a perception that Trump supporters were violent. The media -Wikileaks recently revealed 65 journalists tied to the Clinton campaign - have become Hillary's cheerleading team, collaborating to write a narrative to persuade public opinion with some reports reviewed and edited by Clinton staff prior to publication. According to Wikileaks, Hillary also received the questions in advance prior to the primary debates from a media source.

Creamer, who is a convicted felon for bank fraud, was the financial organizer for the operation. According to White House records, Creamer was a guest at the White House 342 times and met directly with President Obama 45 times. In one hidden camera video, filmed at Creamer's Washington, D.C. office, Creamer explains that Hillary Clinton is aware of "all" of his activities, directly or indirectly, and that Democracy Partners has a daily conference call with the Clinton campaign, as well as frequent calls with the White House.

On another video, Foval states "The campaign (Hillary Clinton campaign) pays the DNC, DNC pays Democracy Partners, Democracy Partners pays the Foval group, Foval group goes and executes the (expletive) on the ground "to agitate and start disruptions to get bad press at Trump and Pence events." Foval continues, "We have to be careful because what we don't need is for it to show up on CNN that the DNC paid ‘X' people to ... that's not going to happen."

In another video, Foval admits to several ways to commit voter fraud with the guidance of Creamer without getting caught in their effort to rig an election. Foval states, "We manipulate the votes with money and action, not with laws." Foval and Creamer coordinated with each other in a number of voter fraud scams including businesses writing checks to fake people and using the check stub as identification to vote in states that required voter identification. Those states that do not require voter identification would make the voter fraud much easier.

According to the Pew Research Center, one out of eight registered voters (24 million) are invalid in America. There are 1.8 million dead voters, 2.75 million voters in multiple states, and 12 million with invalid addresses. Already there have been multiple cases of voter fraud prior to the election including fake people being registered to vote. A woman who died in 2008 has voted five times since her death. Election workers have been seen on hidden cameras stuffing the ballot box with votes. Another video showed workers destroying Republican ballots. A woman in Florida was found in possession of several absentee ballots for Hispanic voters whom were deaf, blind, or had Alzheimer's. Foval admits that those committing voter fraud are not bused in but use their own vehicle to vote in multiple precincts and across state lines to vote for multiple voters that are no longer valid.

It has also been revealed that voter fraud is occurring through voting machines. Wikileaks has revealed the Hillary campaign wants to "make Soros happy" referring to Communist billionaire, George Soros who provides much financial support to the DNC and Democrat groups. Voting machines in 16 states from Smartmatic have ties to George Soros. Chairman Mark Malloch-Brown is on the board of Soros' Open Society Foundation. It has already been reported that voting machines have changed Republican votes to Democrat votes.

Computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testified under oath in Congress in March 2016 that he was hired by authorities to help rig the outcome of U.S. elections. He made software for voting machines that would give the desired results. "It would flip the vote" to whomever you want to win by the desired results without any election official ever detecting the software. When questioned, he stated, "They'd never see it." The only way you can actually see the real vote is actually counting the votes against the receipt of the voting machine.

After the release of videos by Project Veritas, Creamer and Foval have "stepped aside" from their Democrat position.

As Americans, we want fair elections; but the evidence proves that Trump is correct when he states, "the system is rigged."

This column is the opinion of Frank Aquila and does not necessarily represent the opinion of Morris Newspaper Corp. of CA.