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Voter fraud used to steal elections
Frank Aquila

There are four different types of voter fraud and the Democrats used each of them in their attempt to steal an election from the American voters in their quest to remove President Trump

Fraud by Mail: Using COVID-19, the Democrats used the virus to create an atmosphere that we must vote by mail and that it is too dangerous to go to the polls. We can stand in line at various stores; but just not to vote.  Therefore, ballots were sent to each voter nationwide on the voter rolls even though millions of ballots were sent to addresses where a voter was not eligible to vote. 

Prior to Election Day, many USPS workers were arrested in various states for throwing away ballots for Trump.  There were completed ballots found in the trash, dumpsters, and ditches.  Various videos had workers selling ballots for money as ballots were left at various address for anyone to use.

Fraud by Deception: According to the Pew Research Center, one out of eight registered voters (24 million) are invalid in America.  There are 1.8 million dead voters, 2.75 million voters in multiple states, and 12 million with invalid addresses. When you send out that many ballots, where is the accountability?  In many cases, voters were born on Jan. 1, 1900, making them 120 years old.  Some cases had voters born in the 1800’s and even born before the Civil War.  Those are the most easiest to see; but there are many who died in the last few years who also voted.  There are an estimated 21,000 dead people on the voter rolls just in Pennsylvania. 

There are those who voted in a state that they don’t even live.  In Georgia, there were 17,877 identified votes by people who don’t live there.  There were felons and illegal immigrants who voted, making those votes ineligible.

There are those votes by impersonation.  Many votes were cast by someone impersonating a voter.  The “Voter Integrity Project” by Judicial Watch discovered there are 3.5 million more voters than live adults. They discovered voters were registered at street addresses that don’t exist.  There were countless people who went to vote who discovered someone already voted in their name.

In Georgia, Biden received nearly 96,000 under votes, votes for only Biden on a ballot, while Trump received only 818 under votes, another sign of fraud by deception.

Fraud by Politics:  The Constitution provides the state legislatures the duty to make election law.  So what happens when the secretary of state, governors, or even courts supersede the legislature and changes the law?  This is what has happened in Georgia and Pennsylvania.  They changed the law by either extending Election Day or changing how ballots can be accepted, primarily with signatures.  Ballots are being accepted where the signatures didn’t match the registration card. The problem is once the fraudulent ballots are thrown in with the good ballots; there is no reference number to track that fraudulent ballot.

You also have election commissioners ignoring laws and court orders to allow access for observation, which there are over 11,000 incidents and 500 affidavits from both Republicans and Democrats who observed fraud including a delivery of boxes of ballots in trucks only for Joe Biden in Michigan.  It is estimated that 682,000 ballots were not observed and compromised just in Pennsylvania. In Georgia, observers were told to go home due to a water pipe break. Then election workers continued to count ballots after the observers left.

Fraud by Technology: The software used by Dominion Voting Systems is used in 28 states and run by Smartmatic, which was founded in Venezuela and known to have been used in elections in South America by designing the software to switch, delete, or add votes to get the desired outcome.  Dominion, which is headquartered in Canada, uses Chinese parts with executives from Silicon Valley.  Dominion’s high powered firm includes a long-time aide to Nancy Pelosi. The software tallies American votes through computers in Venezuela and Spain. 

While Americans went to sleep on Election Night, the vote counting by Dominion Software, run through Smartmatic realized Trump had amassed a significant lead in various states.  The software programming shut down the vote counting in all those states at the same time to readjust in order to get the desired outcome.  Once the counting resumed, Biden quickly overtook Trump’s amassed lead, providing just enough votes to win the needed states. 

There were 6,000 votes discovered to be switched in one Michigan county from Trump to Biden; but how many other votes were switched, added, or deleted through the software?   While other states had finished counting on Election Night, those states in question were all using Dominion Software run through Smartmatic.

Computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testified under oath in court and in Congress in March 2016 that he was hired by authorities to help rig the outcome of U.S. elections. He made software for voting machines that would give the desired results.  “It would flip the vote” to whomever you want to win by the desired results without any election official ever detecting the software.  When questioned, he stated, “They’d never see it.” The only way you can actually see the real vote is actually counting the votes against the receipt of the voting machine.  Smartmatic had a desire to beat Trump as it is tied to George Soros, a socialist billionaire who finances the Democrat party and affiliates. Martk Halloch-Brown, a chairman for smartmatic and from Britain, is on the board of Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  Peter Neffinger, who is president of the board of directors for Smartmatic, is now part of Biden’s transition team.

In the end, 10 million more Americans voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016 with rallies filled to the brim.  Biden, on the other hand, couldn’t fill a basketball court.  The courts will ultimately decide; but no doubt that every Trump voter knows the Democrats used fraud to steal an election.  If these criminals are able to get away with the fraud they have committed in our elections, they will be emboldened to continue to commit fraud in order to get their desired outcome in the future – taking away every American’s right to a free and fair election forevermore.

Frank Aquila is president of the South San Joaquin Republicans and author of the book, “Sarah Palin Out of Nowhere.” He may be emailed at