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We pause to remark ...
Don Todd

One good thing about the NFL show of anti-Americanism is that the players and the owners are telling us who they are. Now that the NFL owners have doubled down by extending buffoonish commissioner Rodger Goodell's contract, we got the message loud and clear and we will not forget.

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a communist on Nov. 22, 1963 the left stream media -- yes, it was left stream even then - immediately claimed that the climate of hate in Dallas, Texas was at fault. One of their examples of the climate was the popularity of General Edwin Walker ignoring the fact that communist Lee Harvey Oswald had unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate him.

Sound financial advice: Don't go on Amazon when you are drunk.

When all of establishment Washington starts to sing someone's praises, like Robert Mueller for instance, you automatically know they are no good.

Have you ever seen this headline? "Woman Uses Sex Appeal to Manipulate Man and Get Ahead." Neither have I.

No two people were more responsible for the housing crash than Senator Chris Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank, so naturally they were called upon to write the bill to solve the problem. Kind of like asking Al Franken to write a bill on sexual conduct.

It is amazing that the folks that promote and favor the murder of millions of innocent babies are always claiming the high moral ground.

As we have seen recently the left loves and engages in sexual misconduct. It is not the allegations against Roy Moore that really upsets them it is that he favors the Ten Commandments.

In the tradition of Orval Faubus and George Wallace, Democrats are once again flouting federal law. Instead of segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever it is open boarders now, open boarders tomorrow, open boarders forever. Wallace and Faubus have been replaced by Jerry Brown and Rahm Emmanuel.

The allegations against Roy Moore are just that.

We should all stop procrastinating next month.

Nearly every current scandal in Washington has an FBI component.

Over 10,000 texts between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. One wonders when they had any time to work.

Is there anything in Washington that the Obama Administration did not corrupt? So many scandals so little time.

Some of us are really ashamed that we supported John McCain and Mitt Romney for the GOP nominations. Since then they have proven us to have been mistaken.

Whether it be Salem or Mueller, witch hunts always find witches.

Only in DC: Someone Charged with Misconduct (Strzok) Placed In Human Resources (Hiring)

It is interesting that Obama is taking credit of all of the good economic news under Trump while he blamed the constant bad economic news during his own administration on Bush. Guess that is what you get when you elect a street hustling pamphleteer president.

Someday someone will let the cat out of the open bag. Obama is an idiot.

The #NeverTrumpers who were wrong about nearly everything seem to hate the people who were right about nearly everything. No better example of that than Bill Kristol. Follow him on Twitter and you will see he turned into a nasty, vicious, bitter old man at a fairly young age.

General Michael Flynn has been serving this country since he was a teenager. That alone makes him a target of the America hating left.

The Democrats in Congress would vote as a block against the sun coming up in the morning if it were a Trump proposal.

Don Todd is the President of Americans for Limited Government Foundation.