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You can’t watch TV without liberal assault

It’s not just the national news media that is outright selling lies to America – it’s the entertainment industry.

That was made clear to me after I started getting into the ABC series, “How to Get Away with Murder,” starring Viola Davis. I realize the series has been on a while but it’s new to me as I started binge watching it on Netflix. The series is replete with lot of the liberal ideology that might sail right past you if you’re not paying attention.

I’ve been taking mental notes. The series, which seems to have zero restraint in showing straight and gay couples ripping off their clothing for a series of romps in even the most public places, like restaurant restrooms, is crafted by the most leftist of writers.


Barack and Michelle are hailed as the ultimate model to emulate.

DACA is hailed as some God-given birthright.

Gender must be redefined.

Black men are locked up for merely standing on the sidewalk.

The gun lobby has bastardized the Second Amendment.

Congress’ failure to adequately tax the wealthy is an attack on the poor (this is a bald-faced lie because 80 percent of taxes come from the top 20 percent of income earners).

Income equality and universal basic income (everyone gets money regardless of their effort) is preached ad naseam.

The twenty-something crowd routinely endorses restorative justice, the narrative of whiteness, claiming the judicial system is inherently racist with judges sentencing not based on the prescription of law but on skin color. I absolutely cringed and said an expletive when I heard Viola Davis (as Annalise Keating) tell the court that racism is in the DNA of the United States. Also had the same reaction when I heard the late great actress Cicely Tyson say that her country has been broken her entire life.

Actor Rome Flynn (Gabriel Maddox) advocates suing every state to “abolish our prison system on a national scale.” When he has to argue the opposite view – that prisons keep evil people off the streets to go out and murder and steal again and that it gives victims’ families a sense of justice – he turns right around and says, “I don’t believe a damned thing I just said.”  

The stupid and illegal acts rarely have consequences. Thus far into the series, nobody who has committed or assisted in homicide has served time for it.

This is what is being preached by Hollywood into the minds of Americans.

* * * * *

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Left is waging war on white people. It took hours for the leader of the radicalized California Teachers Association to push the narrative of race with the slaying of eight at a massage parlor in Atlanta. Six of the victims were Asian, which is not surprising given how many Asian women are involved in the massage industry, both legitimate and illicit. Two were not Asian, so shouldn’t that be your first clue that Mr. Sicko was out to kill massage parlor women, not just Asian women?

So as is normally the case, the Left rushed to judgment because they saw an opportunity to trace this all back to Trump. They are too eager to suggest that since Trump called the coronavirus the Wuhan flu that he caused white people to rise up against Asians.

Now California Congressman Ted Lieu effectively blamed Trump for the shooting. I have to wholeheartedly agree with Mike Huckaby when he responded: “Apparently reminding people of the origins of pathogens and illnesses now equates to incitement of homicide. 

In a press release issued the same day as the attack, CTA President E. Toby Boyd starts out expressing sorrow at the loss – we all feel the sorrow every time somebody is needlessly gunned down – but condemned “these racist, hateful acts of violence deeply rooted in white supremacy.”

White supremacy caused this? Why should we accept that? Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds said that shooter Robert Aaron Long, 21, of Woodstock, Georgia, told police that he had a pornography addiction and claimed to see the spas as “a temptation ... that he wanted to eliminate.” I think that’s far more plausible than a hatred for Asians. A lot of sick criminals, including Ted Bundy, said their murderous ways festered from a sick perversion related to their addiction to porn.

Yes, the sicko who gunned down the Atlanta workers was white. We can all see that from his photo, and the media will surely play it up that he was a card carrying member of the KKK. It’s easy to make white people the target for the attacks but honestly some of the surveillance videos of elderly Asians being pushed over on Bay Area sidewalks appear to involve black suspects. Can you imagine the condemnation Boyd would receive if he issued a press release in a black-on-white homicide that reads: “…we stand in strong solidarity condemning these racist, hateful acts of violence deeply rooted in black culture”? He’d be tarred and feathered.

My point again is this: Quit making despicable acts of violence centered on race. It’s the human heart tainted by whatever sin that is the problem, not skin color so quit making it all about skin color or claiming one color is more racist than another.

I like what Morgan Freeman said about race. He said the best way to get past issues of race is to “stop talking about it.” 

* * * * *

I was traveling down 99 Wednesday morning and saw the reoccurring homeless camp near Penske south of Hatch Road smoldering after a fire put out by Ceres Fire.

How sad is it that this state is allowing this to happen. What do I mean, you ask?

Well, I’m talking about the failure of this governor to get his priorities straight. We can spend billions of taxpayer dollars on a bullet train from Bakersfield to Merced – who in the heck will ride that? – when we could be spending that on something meaningful to get people out of their own muck and camp feces.

Can you imagine how many housing facilities we could build instead of that ridiculous track? We could build facilities that would provide interim shelter while we treat the 99 percent of the homeless who are on drugs or alcohol and get them productive rather than scattering garbage, stealing shopping carts and defecating in the streets.

Let’s hope California can get a governor who can provide common sense solutions and some leadership counter to Newsom’s plan to convert motels meant for sightseeing visitors into homeless shelters.

* * * * *

The city is now renaming Eastgate Park after Guillermo Ochoa at a cost of $3,000 for a new sign. Apparently enough people stuffed the ballot box to see to it that Channce Condit’s suggestion becomes a reality. (Strangely, Condit did not insist that he give up his council stipend to pay for the new sign required).

Nearly 200 submissions were received from the public and we’re told 54 suggested Ochoa. How Ochoa rates higher than Louie Arrollo has me stymied.

Guillermo Ochoa – who was not the first Latino to serve on the City Council – moved to Ceres in 1971 and left in 1982 but returned in 1998 and didn’t get involved in city politics until 2005. He lost the election but was appointed December 2005 to fill out an unexpired term (back in the days when the council could actually agree about council appointments). Ochoa won reelection in 2007 and during the next term helped push through these unnecessary district elections. Ochoa lost his seat in 2011.

Arrollo lived in Ceres for 63 years, first arriving in 1957. He moved to Hughson last year when health concerns caused him to relocate to Samaritan Village. Having served as a military policeman, Arrollo became a reserve Ceres Police officer in 1963 and spent 21 years with the department, working his way up to commander before quitting in 1984. 

Arrollo next taught law enforcement classes at Ceres High School for three years. He retired in 2001 as assistant principal at Ceres High.

He was elected as mayor in 1987 and served until 1990 when heart conditions forced him to step down. Vision flowed from the Arrollo mayorship. He was instrumental in getting the city to build the skate park at Smyrna Park, initiated Concerts in the Park, formed the Public Safety Department to place police and fire under the same department (a concept that was later disbanded). He also formed committees to look after labor camp, the city motto contest which came up with the “Ceres – Together We Achieve.” He was also the first mayor to deliver a “State of the City” address.

His health improved and Arrollo asked to be considered for appointment to fill a vacant City Council seat. He was successful and again elected as mayor in 1999, serving until 2001.

Since it appears Ochoa’s name is going on this newest park, I can’t think of anyone more deserving to have a future park named after Louie Arrollo.

* * * * *

Elite politicians who like to lord over the American people certainly don’t like to live by their same rules.

While I prefer that government not tell people they have to wear masks, since they do we expect them to abide by the same rules. So when John Kerry was photographed aboard a plane wearing no mask, I immediately thought of Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom who were caught with their masks off in public places.


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