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Led to the slaughter
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The less government gets further involved with our lives the better off we all are. I think it's about time that we return state legislators to a part-time basis so they can't engage in full-time meddling with our lives - and more importantly our pocketbooks.

Some in government think the government is the end-all answer to every problem. Hardly - they are the problem! We are slowly being robbed of our choices, such as what light bulbs to use and what refrigerant to put in our car AC units. The feds want to dictate CAFE standards to auto manufacturers and run the auto industry as they dole out billions of dollars we can't afford to give.

This dictatorial mindset is troubling. Now AB 32, a Democrat-backed law in Sacramento, forces any auto shop to check the inflation on customer tires. As if we are too stupid to do it for ourselves.

After July 1, 2010, if you take your car to get a tune-up at the corner auto repair shop, they MUST check your tires to make sure your tires are at the right PSI. Sure, it's a great idea to maintain proper inflation for fuel reasons. But to mandate a shop to do it? Will the state reimburse the shop owner for the time it takes to check tire pressure? Not on your life. I say if the state is so concerned about the issue of fuel economy, form the office of State Tire Pressure czar and open tire pressure checking stations and mandate it just like they do a smog shop. That's more their style. And while you're at it, tax the hell out of everyone for it. That is exactly how Sacramento works. But this time they took the cowardly route of making someone else do it.

I have something to tell lawmakers: Just because it's a "good thing" doesn't mean you should mandate it. It's not your job to micro-manage our lives!!! To follow your logic, why not mandate that if a restaurant or motel owner sees a homeless person that they must take them in or give them free meals at their expense or face a $1,000 fine? Or make it law that any motorist must assist any stranded motorist he passes or face arrest. After all, it's a good cause. Why not? Huh?

It seems the Ceres City Council got a taste of dictatorial mandating Monday when it found out that economic stimulus money comes with some strings attached. The city cannot get any of $3 million unless it agrees to offer a program to help train minority-owned businesses and help them with marketing strategies. This comes at a time when the city is laying off essential employees. So this is the kind of "change" you thought you were getting with Obama?

Our government has become draconian and invasive. It's taxing us to death. It's stealing liberties one at a time. I say it's time for a revolution at the ballot box. But without an informed citizenry all I can expect as I'm being forced with the masses toward the slaughter is the bleeting of dumb sheep around me who have no idea where they're being taken.

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