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Letters to the Editor
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Government didn't care to bring all vets home from Vietnam

Editor, Ceres Courier,

As a Vietnam veteran, I have just finished reading the book, "An Enormous Crime." To say I am disappointed in my government is an understatement.

The effort that our leaders went to, to disallow the documents and evidence that this government did not leave live POWs behind, is outrageous to say the least. Two senators in particular went out of their way to cover up the facts. People were paid off with government jobs, others threatened prosecution if they spoke out on this subject.

If you doubt what I say, just visit the website, and check out chapter 23. Melvin E. Richmond, chief of staff DPMO on the question in early 2005: "How many live sighting reports have you received in the last three years?" Answer: 293.

Between March 2005 and July 6, 2006, 63 additional reports were received of Americans sighted in Southeast Asia. The government of the United States has done all it can to cover up the fact that since Nixon's presidency and Watergate, every administration has tried to close the door on the issue and it don't go away until they face what they have done. Most of the people in the know say this government owes them war reparations for the damage we caused. Kennedy taught them that when he dealt with Cuba and Castro for the return of the men captured at the Bay of Pigs invasion. Read the book; it is all there or at least look at the documentation on the website for yourself.

Walt Butler,


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Grandview is an accident looking for place to happen

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Well, another school year has started and I have yet to see any precaution signs, crosswalks, flashing school zone caution lights, or speed enforcement on Grandview Avenue and Herndon Road for the safety of the children and their parents that are going too and being dropped off at the Ceres School District's Head Start Preschool on Grandview Avenue.

I wrote a letter to the editor a few months ago and had hoped that someone in the city Traffic Safety Division would take the hint and do something about the safety problem. I guess it just takes a child getting hit or being killed by a speeding car, for a faster response for the safety of our children.

I know we have a lot of major traffic problems here in Ceres, and that this is just one of the many, but I feel this is a priority for the safety of children going to school. Please, someone with the authority, take care of this problem soon.

James R. Vinyard,


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De la Porte grateful to many

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Well, it's August, and for the first time in 30 plus years, I'm not at Ceres High School to greet the incoming freshman class -- a real different feeling. But it was time to turn the page and start a new chapter in my life.

The new athletic director at CHS is Glenn Driskell, a long-time coach and teacher. I have no doubt that he will do an outstanding job guiding the Bulldogs. I also want to wish Michelle Parrish, CVHS's athletic director, all the best in her job. Both individuals are outstanding people who will work together for the betterment of both the community and their schools.

I truly hope the rivalry between CHS and CVHS will develop into one where, like best friends attending different schools, you want each other to win every game - except the one you play against each other!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support over these years. I will not mention individual names - I would forget some and quite honestly, there are too many.

First, to the clerical, front office, food-service, campus supervision, custodial, and transportation staffs: Thank you for the millions of things you did for me and the students. Any administrator, teacher, or coach who does not value the work and friendships with this group will never be successful.

To the "Doghouse" staff: Well, you all worked with me! To my secretaries - I have loved you all, and you suffered through my sense of humor and joking manner. Two have retired, and in one week they looked 10 years younger!

To administration: The young ones who didn't know anything and the old ones (who thought they did!) I have always understood the chain-of-command. You were the bosses; I have always respected that and appreciated the support in letting my do my job.

To the teachers and coaches: Thanks for everything. I'm not sure people understand how much time, effort, and hard-work goes into both professions. Many of you taught and coached my children. What a wonderful experience both of them had with the Ceres Schools.

And now to the group of individuals who were always number one with me - the students and athletes I have had the honor to coach and teach over the years. Thank you! There was never a day that I didn't enjoy going to work. Not many people can make that statement and work at the same job for over 30 years. We have laughed and cried together, and sometimes gotten mad at each other. But, in the end, I hope you understood that I both liked and respected you - it isn't easy being a teenager.

In closing, it has been an amazing 33 years. My wife and I came to a town with no stoplights -- we now have three McDonalds and two high schools! Please always remember that we are still one community- we are Ceres. I hope that you are as proud to say you are from Ceres as much as the de la Portes are.

Go Ceres Unified scholars and athletes!

Phil de la Porte,


* * * * *

Delta grateful for community response

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Delta Blood Bank would like to join with Emanuel Medical Center, Memorial Medical Center and Stanislaus Surgical Hospital in thanking the community and the media for their tremendous response to the blood bank's urgent plea for blood donations. Due to low blood inventory levels, urgent messages were distributed to the community, starting last week.

The incredible support of the Ceres Courier, News10, Univision, Telefutura, KCRA3, Comcast and radio stations Ke Buena, Super Estrella, Jose, KJOY and 107.9 The End, showed an amazing demonstration of unity that helped Delta Blood Bank communicate its urgent need for blood donors.

The media support was fabulous and it brought the community awareness to a level the blood bank could not have achieved without their help. Combined with the elevated media attention, the support of individual blood donors resulted in enough units of blood to stave off an emergency situation for not only the blood bank, but the hospitals and community it serves as well.

We are so pleased with the community response to this blood shortage. When the chips are down, our community heroes always come through. These generous blood donors ensure that if you or a loved one has a need for blood, the blood will be there. Often we take that assurance for granted, but it requires continued diligence by the blood bank and its donors to make sure there is always enough blood to fill the community's need.

Blood donations are still needed to build up the blood inventory prior to the Labor Day weekend. Delta Blood Bank's Ceres donation site is located at 2517 Mitchell Road, Suite F. It is open Fridays from 12:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. For more information, please call (888) 94-BLOOD or visit

Ann Stevenson,

Marketing Manager,

Delta Blood Bank