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Letters to the Editor
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Supports Jacobson and her appeal of center

Editor, Ceres Courier,

You hehave like a venal see-nothing editor who acts like a stenographer of official Walmart propaganda, rather than an inquiring reporter. Why have you pitched a tent against Commissioner Mike Kline, Sherri Jacobson and Brett Jolley? Is it merely because those three individuals care about citizens' points of view and don't accept the low standards represented by the Walmart Supercenter project?

Have you once interviewed Brett Jolley or Sherri Jacobson regarding the Citizens for Ceres group? My guess is you have not; otherwise, you would have asked them about their position on infrastructure costs of the Supercenter. Instead, you only interviewed Tom Westbrook, a city employee who doesn't live in Ceres.

Sherri Jacobson is one of ours; we're lucky to have her. She cares about facts and is smart. I have a novel idea - take off your cynical clothes and interview Ms. Jacobson, that's if she will speak to you in light of your recent attacks on her. Her appeal to the Ceres City Council is great news. I agree with her - the Supercenter, the only building currently scheduled to be built, is unnecessary and really ugly to boot.

Andy Azevedo Jr.,


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Sherri Jacobson has no clue what she is talking about

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The Constitution's First Amendment right guarantees freedom of speech and thank God the Courier provided Sherri. Jacobson, a member of Citizens for Ceres, to speak. For clarification purposes, I am quoting Ms. Jacobson's press release: "We are opposed to this development because it will destroy Ceres' neighborhoods, work against downtown revitalization plans, close local businesses and contribute to excessive traffic, air and light pollution." "In economic terms, there will be a net loss in tax revenues for the city. Sales revenue from this Supercenter will quickly travel out of state, rather than stay with local businesses and our local region." The "community will have to bear increased infrastructure costs for improved road widening and more traffic lights." Ms. Jacobson stated that the center "cannot be considered in any fashion, to be an economic development project. It will not have a lasting economic benefit for the Ceres community nor will it reflect the small town values that make Ceres so special." Ms. Jacobson condemned he design as "cookie cutter" in nature, stating, "If this is to be at or city gateway, why would we want our gateway looking like generic Walmarts?" "Let's demand more than the bare minimum."

Okay, you have had your say. It's my turn now. First of all, with freedom of speech there comes a responsibility of knowing exactly what you are talking about before you speak and back it up with supporting evidence instead of using an out-of-town attorney who derives his income fighting Walmart expansions and misinforming groups such as your Citizens for Ceres. Furthermore, the only thing I got out of Ms. Jacobson's press release, she has no clue what she is talking about other than furthering attorney Brett Jolley's hidden agenda. It would appear her press release is that of Brett Jolley, because it contains no positive options or alternatives.

Second, before Walmart Corp., can proceed to plan B, they were required to prepare an Environmental Impact Report that cost enough to retire every member of your Citizens of Ceres.

Walmart is and has been a local Ceres business for years and has not destroyed Ceres neighborhoods or worked against downtown revitalization plans, nor closed local businesses and moving a couple of miles down the road will not contribute to excessive traffic, air and light pollution. In fact, the move will contribute to excessive reduction in traffic, air and light pollution.

The supporting facts have not changed. The shopping center would bring 10 other retail shops, three other major tenants, four smaller shops and two or three restaurants. The center will increase taxes to the city of Ceres by $327,000 annually and would also draw customers from neighboring communities and the direct freeway acess will eliminate excess traffic. It will create more than 200 new jobs and generating additional tax revenues for vital city services. Not to mention all the construction jobs created while building the Supercenter.

We can all be thankful that Walmart is still willing to work with the Planning Commission and the City Council. What would the net loss be if Walmart goes elsewhere? Ms. Jacobson, you need to get your facts straight.

Craig Keesler,


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