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Letters to the Editor
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Bergamaschis grateful for Blue Star event help

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The Ceres Garden Club dedicated a Blue Star Memorial marker on Saturday, Oct. 2 to the honor and glory of all military personnel, past, present and future. The program started with military music by Knightsound band members, a fly-by by Don Monaco in his 1939-40 World War II Mark 4 plane, and a display of military vehicles by California National Guard members. Youth members of the Civil Air Patrol, VFW posts #10293 and #9697, and the Ceres American Legion also took part in the dedication.

The marker was dedicated by California State Garden Club president Maryanne Lucas and accepted by Ceres Mayor Anthony Cannella.

Following the dedication, an all-American hot dog, apple pie ice cream reception was held at the Whitmore Mansion for all attending the dedication.

There are so many more to thank ... the city of Ceres Public Works Department, Public Safety Department, Nancy and Cary Pope, the state Garden Club president and two vice presidents, the Valley Lode District director, the California Garden Club Blue Star Marker chairman. Also, thank you to Pastor Rob Hidahl, the Ceres Courier and everyone who was so helpful in this dedication.

Most of all we wish to thank all the Ceres Garden Club members who worked on many projects to make this dedication possible. To everyone who helped make this a very special day, a sincere thank you.

Colleen and Jim Bergamaschi,


Ceres Blue Star Committee

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Cannella has improved Ceres

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Along with being mayor of Ceres, Anthony Cannella is the head of the Ceres Development Agency (CRA). His diligent hard work has yielded many funding accomplishments. The new Community Center will serve the many needs of our city for years to come.

I look forward to CRA assisting the development of the pending Downtown Specific Plan. This includes an exciting anchor Cineplex entertainment area at the end of Fourth Street, along with retail, restaurant and mixed use areas. Mr. Cannella has seen to it that CRA economic and community development goals are pursued in partnership with business owners, the Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Tourism Roundtable, and the Alliance.

CRA Housing projects under Mr. Cannella have resulted in 52 affordable new units for seniors, 61 affordable new units for families and individuals, and the rehabilitation of 54 Farm Labor Center units. Families and first-time home buyers have benefited from home improvement assistance.

Anthony Cannella has a unique ability and compassion for community improvement that brings a diverse array of people together, while increasing the quality of life. As a conservative Hispanic leader, please join me in supporting Mr. Cannella as he vies for a seat in the California State Senate.

Guillermo Ochoa,


Ceres City Council

* * * * * * *

Is it all just about Anna?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

State Senate candidate Anna Caballero's signs display her first name much larger than her last. Could it be Caballero thinks herself to be as well known as celebrities who are recognized by their first name alone, such as Oprah and Chere? If this were true, why are her big signs almost always found in places like weed fields and on construction fences?

It's possible that business owners are growing wary of liberal state legislators who have overtaxed and over-regulated companies to the point to where they are hard pressed to turn a profit. Caballero claims to be a candidate who is for business. Her signs seem to suggest it's all about Anna.

Narinder Mann,


* * * * * * *

Cannella for common sense solutions

Editor, Ceres Courier,

In his bid for state senate, Ceres mayor Anthony Cannella faces a calculating politician in his opponent, Assemblywoman Anna Caballero. The nonpartisan Capitol Weekly publication has given Caballero a 97 percent "liberal voting score." This explains the assemblywoman's opposition to offshore drilling (AJR 3), while, at the same time, supporting global warming and land use policy (SB375).

Anthony Cannella stands vigorously against liberal state policies ranging from cap and trade to the capital gains tax. He opposes the outsourcing of the Legislature's representative power to overreaching quasi-autonomous regulatory the California Air Resources Board and the State Water Resources Control Board.

Cannella is all about waste management - that is to say, "the management of waste in government." "Liberal-house gases" are being emitted by the Legislature and poisoning California. The time has come to clean up the Sacramento environment. Why not sever the control of public sector unions while in the process?

If elected to the State Senate, Anthony Cannella will strive to restore sensible solutions that will put California back on the right course. Let's help him do so by exercising the power of our vote.

Ken Groves, Jr.,


* * * * * * *


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