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Letters to the Editor
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Bring manufacturing back to California

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Stanislaus County is a wonderful part of California, growing an abundance of food. The processing of this food was done in local canneries and provided jobs for people of all talents and ages. Due to higher costs, these companies have moved to Mexico and other countries.

The problems of costs are not just with food, but with many other items. Manufacturing has moved to China, South America, India and more. The United States needs to focus on its manufacturing. We have problems with the unemployed and homeless. Without locating our factories here, we will continue to have the same problems and more.

Congress is not working to pass the legislation that would give incentives to companies to have their factories at home in the United States. With elections only two months away, our legislature is concerned with getting re-elected and not with the health of our economy.

Everyone should write, call, and talk to the people who represent them in their districts. We need to tell our friends and relatives to put pressure on those they feel can be effective.

We deserve to be proud of the talents and ingenuity of the American people.

John Neal

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