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Letters to the editor published April 25, 2012
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Appreciates chief pausing to honor dispatchers

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I just recently moved back to Ceres and just finished reading the article that Police Chief Art DeWerk wrote about Public Safety Dispatchers receiving so little recognition for the job we do. I am a Public Safety dispatcher, and have been since I started my career with Ceres Police Department back in 1977. I truly appreciate a Chief of Police who would take the time to write such an article. We are unrecognized for the job we do, and as he stated in his article, probably only 2 percent of the population could handle this job. I am fortunate enough to be among the 2 percent. I have been through almost every scenerio you can imagine, including the ultimate - an officer involved shooting.

I only wish that for one day, citizens could see and hear what we do on a daily basis, 24/7. I am proud to be a Public Safety dispatcher, and will continue to be until the day I finally retire.

Thank you again Chief DeWerk. You made my day.

Catherine Atkinson,


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Impressed by officer

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Unfortunately we had a burglary Sunday night, along with at least one other neighbor, and had to call the police. I want to say the officer who responded was very helpful, polite, friendly, informative and efficient in his job. Too many times the police are taken for granted or ridiculed.

I was born in Ceres 55 years ago and have lived here my entire life, and over the years I've seen many changes in the people, the vendors, the types of entertainment, as well as the police officers. And I have to admit I wasn't always happy to see a cop at my door but I also admit if there was a police at my door that it was justified. And for the most part they were just doing their job.

I want to acknowledge this officer who helped us today on his professionalism, his kindness, and his helpfulness. Overall he struck me as a great person.

Bonnie Olivera

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