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Letters to the Editor published Dec. 19, 2012
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Group will keep fighting Walmart Supercenter

Editor, Ceres Courier,

In response to "City antes up for economic development plan of action":

Citizens for Ceres understands Mr. Ochoa's support for the proposed Mitchell Ranch Center with its proposed Walmart Supercenter because he voted for the project in the fall of 2011. During that same time, Mr. Ochoa chose not to speak with group members about our concerns for the project. We recognize Mr. Ochoa has the right to advocate on behalf of wealthy corporations, regardless of whether they benefit the citizens of Ceres or not. We hope he will respect our right to oppose them.

Ceres does not need the proposed Supercenter and Mr. Ochoa's claim of "immediate economic growth" is unfounded. The center does not mean new jobs, just a new location and more market share for a company that has disinvested in America, has taken its production needs to China, and continues to pay its U.S. workers sub-standard wages. Moreover, even the EIR that Mr. Ochoa voted to certify concludes that the new Walmart will have lower sales per square foot than the existing store and will result in sales leakage to Modesto -- all the while adding to empty shopping centers around town. We do not view this as economic progress.

Walmart has made its owners incredibly rich by exploiting poor workers like the 112 Bangladeshi women who died sewing Walmart's clothes.

Citizens for Ceres' members also want economic prosperity for Ceres. We just don't think relocating Walmart at the expense of the environment and other retailers is the right path to reach that goal. Mr. Ochoa has given us no concrete reasons to change our position or to withdraw our opposition to the project.

Florence Cardenas,


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Ceres High School offers thanks

Editor, Ceres Courier,

On behalf of the Ceres High School Leadership Class, Ceres High School would like to thank the community for their help with our annual Perfect Turkey Dinner Scavenger Hunt. Together, we raised over 3,000 canned goods and other non-perishable items that will be given to needy families in our community during the holidays.

We believe that Ceres is a thriving and united community, and we know that the community is always willing to contribute to those in times of need.

Thank you to all of those who opened their doors to our leadership students.

Have a happy holiday!

Linda Cooper,

Ceres High School

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