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Letters to the Editor published Jan. 9, 2013
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There are better ways to spend taxpayers' money

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I have lived in Stanislaus County for about 65 years. I know most of us pay property tax in the mid to high $1,000s because we were thought to have back bone and to work and save and respect our country.

I have to say when I read about the cities of Turlock and Modesto building more low-income housing with granite counters and with swimming pools and computer rooms, we as property owners, think this is sick and all the government and decisions to do these things take the incentive away from anyone wanting to work.

We have a hard time keeping our properties rented because the government is giving so much away.

In addition to giving rentals and housing and education and food to so many who seem to know how to take advantage of the system, it forces people that pay property tax and people that work to lose their property.

On top of all that, when the incentive is taken away from people because they are better off falling down on our taxpayers' property and then claiming injury or falling down in a market and claiming their back hurts and go to a doctor paid by the working people's insurance company and then a lawyer and then there is nothing wrong because it is difficult to find what, if anything, causes the pain but they get settlements form the insurance company and then disability and then they work and sell at flea markets and pocket the cash and they qualify for new apartments for $300 per month and other government giveaways.

This all reminds me of the county spending $23 million when they are saying they are broke and all that went into new pavement in Keyes . You can buy the whole city of Keyes for $3 million.

I do not understand who puts all these things together, but someone is getting rich and it is not the working people.

John Swanson

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