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Letters to the Editor published July 27, 2011
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Family of Richard Erickson grateful for help rendered

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The family and friends of Richard Erickson would like to publicly acknowledge and thank a true good samaritan. Ted Beam and his son noticed Richard slumped over his bike and asked if he needed help. When he fell on his face they jumped out and went to help him up. Even though Richard assured them he just had a dizzy spell and was fine to ride his bike home, they refused to leave him. They put him and his bike in their pickup and didn't just drop him off at home but took time to speak to someone to be sure he was taken care of.

We all appreciate, not only the time and effort they took to care for Richard but also the kindness and respect with which they treated an old man they didn't even know. They are outstanding examples for all of us of how truly good men behave.

Rich & Patti Erickson,

Zanetta Erickson,

Ralph & Mary Trickey,

Craig & Sheri Pahrman,

Charles L. Erickson,

Isabella & Wyatt Pahrman,

Cyndi, Mark, Natalie & Rachel Heald

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Wal-Mart should act like a good neighbor

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I was originally one of the 10,000 who supported and signed on for the new Super Wal-Mart. But after the concerns of Don Pedro residents and Wal-Mart's policy regarding the old site, I have changed my mind.

It's not possible to shift the layout of the store, so delivery trucks could enter from Service Road or build the sound wall they're asking for. Second, Wal-Mart is choosing to abandon the old site for a new location. They would pay for the higher cost of a new building and related infrastructure. Wal-Mart's biggest complaint is subsidizing a competitor at the old store. So why not just expand and remodel the old store and let someone else build at the new location, say Target, then they would have the burden of added costs?

Bottom line is Wal-Mart wants the new location - it's closer to Highway 99, more visibility. The city of Ceres and its residents would get more jobs and tax revenue from both the Super Wal-Mart and a Target store at the old store versus some of the store mentioned by Jeff most are too small or unlikely to come. Wal-Mart wants to be a good neighbor then they should act like one. Competition will benefit everyone.

Albert Avila,


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