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Letters to the Editor published July 7, 2010
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Thrilled with prospects of new store

'Editor, Ceres Courier,

I live off of Don Pedro Road between Mitchell and El Camino and I am thrilled about the proposed WalMart Supercenter possibly being built on the property bordering Don Pedro Road, Mitchell Road and Service Road.

One of the biggest "pros" for many of us who live off of Don Pedro is that it is most likely that traffic lights would be installed at Don Pedro Road and Mitchell Road. Trying to get onto Mitchell Road from Don Pedro, or vice-versa, is almost impossible when St. Jude's Church is in session, or there's a wedding or any other type of gathering. People parking across the street from the church or trying to get in and out of the church parking lot, dart across the street, pull out in front of traffic cross the streets illegally, etc.

It is also likely to bring more revenue to Ceres as it will be an exit off of the freeway for people traveling through Ceres, and possibly bring in more more customers for existing business at this end of town.

On another issue I would like to voice an opinion on is the proposed building of La Consuelas Mexican Restaurant. How many more Mexican restaurants does this town need? I recently checked around me on my iPhone and just did a search on Mexican restaurants - there were 30 within a five-mile radius! It is so ridiculous to build one more, especially with La Cascada right down the street, which in my opinion is the best Mexican restaurant within 15 miles!

Judi Ericks,


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Mansion an enjoyable venue in Ceres

Editor, Ceres Courier,

On Saturday, June 26, my husband and I attended a concert at the Whitmore Mansion. What a great time we had. The concert was held on the beautifully landscaped mansion grounds. What a gorgeous setting. The trees provided plenty of shade and seating was provided. People attending were very friendly and just out to have an enjoyable evening outdoors. The music was lively and upbeat and there was plenty of room for those who wanted to dance. The barbecue tri-tip sandwiches, provided by Papa Joe's, were so delicious we shared one there and bought one to go.

The mansion has been beautifully restored, the grounds are lush and green again, and it's all there for people to enjoy. We appreciate the owners for providing Ceres with a place to socialize while enjoying good music and good food. We will definitely be there for the next concert scheduled for July 10.

Florence Cardenas,


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