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Letters to the Editor published June 22, 2011
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Retenanting not a big hurdle

Editor, Ceres Courier,

There has been much discussion surrounding what will become of the existing property Walmart store in Ceres once it moves. In my view, this just another effort by Walmart competitors to throw up road blocks for a project that should have been approved years ago.

Walmart has an outstanding history of successfully re-tenanting their properties. In fact, they own no vacant stores today. As introduced at the last Walmart hearing, the existing Ceres Walmart sits on one of the most valuable pieces of retail property in the city. The company introduced a list of potential tenants that could occupy the property, including Kohl's, Bass Pro Shop, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Michael's, Petco and many more. The few tenants Walmart won't sell or lease their property to are mostly grocery stores. This should please Save Mart and Food 4 Less who state that they oppose the project on the grounds that they believe their stores can't withstand the competition of a Walmart store with a grocery department. So, why do they continue to oppose the project? Has anyone considered that maybe Walmart's grocery competitors simply don't want to compete for customers who seek the best prices and service, and that they want the City Council to limit their competition by denying the new Walmart project all together? Hopefully, the City Council recognizes this for we all know that consumers suffer when businesses no longer compete for our dollars.

In contrast to Walmart's experience that has been both costly and lengthy, I am confident that retailers looking to create jobs in our town would rather retenant an existing Walmart store that simply requires remodeling permits.

Finally, Walmart, just like any other business, should have the freedom to sell their property to whomever they decide. As many can agree, government should not be in the business of telling property owners to whom they can sell their property. Walmart is no different. With an impeccable track record of re-tenanting and a true commitment to giving back to the community, I believe Walmart is worthy of the City Council's support.

Gladys Boland

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