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Letters to the Editor published March 28, 2012
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Did Mr. deWerk's status change to city manager?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

How is it possible that an Acting City Manager appointed by the Ceres City Council effective Dec. 3, 2010, has suddenly become the City Manager according to his title on staff reports for the City Council Agenda of March 26, 2012?

There have been no agendized items to reflect such an action, although there was a "special" meeting on March 9, 2012 which listed items to be discussed as "Discussion of effective and productive working techniques applicable to City Council and City Staff; and discussion of Program Priorities and Goals for 2012 and beyond. The meeting will include a broad range of topics affecting the business of the City."

Are we left to assume that one of these topics include an official change in status for Mr. de Werk? Not only does this sound like a Brown Act violation, it seems that since the City Council made the appointment through an official action and placed this action in the official City records, that the same process would need to be followed to appoint de Werk as City Manager.

Where is the resolution approving his conditions of employment/contract (as has been done historically)?

Linda Ryno,


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Don't forget kidney health

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Living with chronic kidney disease, I know first-hand the importance of educating the public about preventive and proactive ways people can reduce their risk of kidney failure.

There are 26 million Americans suffering from kidney diseases and it's critical to remember that this disease can strike anytime, and anyone can be afflicted. There's no reason why untreated and uncontrolled high blood pressure and type II diabetes should lead to a lifetime of dialysis treatments. Tests to check blood glucose levels and blood pressure are essential steps in preventing kidney disease.

For those with chronic kidney disease like me, finding the right treatment option is vital. At my Satellite Dialysis Centers in Modesto, I have access to a great nurse, nephrologist, social worker, and clinical technician. They put patients like me first by providing personalized, compassionate, dignified care, and a committed support network. Dialysis is a major disruption in my life, but my treatment team is helping me to live a longer, healthier, rewarding life.

Please use National Kidney Month as a reminder to get the appropriate tests to make sure you have healthy kidneys.

Kathy Smith,


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Why is cost of diesel going through the roof?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I continually see articles and letters about the high price of gas. I agree that the price is high. But can anyone give me a reasonable explanation on why the price of diesel is so high. It has traditionally been considerable cheaper than gas due to the fact that it is easier to make and is actually a byproduct from the manufacturing of gas. In years past when the price of diesel rose, truckers parked their rigs until they forced the price back down. Now they just put a surcharge on the load to make up the difference.

Several years ago I bought a diesel pickup to tow a travel trailer and it became our only vehicle, as diesel fuel was cheap. How much do you suppose the price of electricity will be to power the electric cars when they close the coal burning plants and provide all the power from solar and wind? I may be glad I drive a diesel.

David Entriken,


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