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Letters to the Editor published March 31, 2010
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The double standard of liberals

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am replying with a letter to respond to some of the rhetoric that has been laced back and forth in the "Sound Off!" in recent weeks. Jeff was hardly being biased in his news reporting; he's actually been writing, as writers on both sides do, his opinion on any and all subjects. People who believe opinions don't belong in the paper also believe in political correctness to control their opponents. In my humble opinion, Jeff and other contributors to this local paper are often logical and base their opinions on such. If you don't want to support it, don't buy the paper or move out of the area, I am sure there are some amazing actors (you know those that pretend to be others for a living) and dictators (those who kill according to race, sexual orientation or religion) that would welcome you and validate your opinion. Since I am now past the age of 30 I've realized it's not all about me, it's about individual liberty. I take the time each week to read opinions from both sides so I can understand the viewpoints. I try to find the logic in many of the arguments, but in doing so I read history books and realize we as a country are repeating some of the same mistakes made in the last 100 years that led to other communist countries, do not for a moment think it can't happen here, because it can and in time it will.

What really irritates me are people like the lady last week who said Jeff shouldn't be allowed to write his opinion without someone editing it or offering up opinion against before he publishes. If that's the case then why doesn't that person send in a weekly articulate and tactful opinion against Jeff's observations? Somehow, I feel that person would not have a logical basis to stand on because most of Jeff's points are based in respect of others, logic and history. I am also sure others in "Sound Off!" can't argue against Jeff's view of respecting those around you, isn't that what liberals are supposed to stand for? I am an independent that leans conservative, though I don't always agree with Jeff, I am sure he, I and many others out there agree on one thing. While we conservatives would never, I repeat never, infringe upon someone on the liberal side to speak their mind in a tactful and respectful manner, those same liberals we would respect by listening to (i.e. the "Sound Off!" last week) would be the first tell us free speech doesn't apply to conservatives because we don't agree with the liberal point of view.

Nathaniel Rhoads,


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Trusts that Rep. Cardoza will work to improve health care reforms

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Where I work, since 2001, the cost of health insurance for a family has risen over 300 percent, from $5,224 to $21,057. When compared with other developed countries, our cost of insurance and our mortality rate are far too high. Both sides of the political spectrum readily admit that our health care system is not what it needs to be. Over the last 100 years, both political parties have tried to make systemic change to the system, yet, because of the immense pressure have fallen short, time after time.

A quote from the leading business expert Peter Drucker came to mind, "The understanding that underlies the right decision grows out of the clash and conflict of opinions and out of the serious consideration of competing alternatives." Often, for true leaders, tough decisions mark the character of a man. Harry Truman said it well, "Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better." Even though the health care legislation has flaws, finally change has taken place!

As a long-time registered Republican, I trust and believe that Congressman Cardoza did what was right and that he will work to improve the legislation in the years to come.

Walt L. Hanline, Ed.D.

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