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Letters to the Editor published May 26, 2010
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Thoroughly disgusted with state lawmakers

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am thoroughly disgusted with the California Legislature. I believe the public should and does have the right to be irate about this situation of passing a budget on time. I am 69 years old and I cannot remember the last time a budget was passed on time.

Just a few years ago, we had a surplus of money for the state. What happened to it? I will tell you what happened to it; bad judgment by past governors and their administrations and legislators' wasteful government spending on programs not needed.

The current governor has at least kept his word to the people of California and has not accepted a penny of salary for his job and has said he will not until the State of California is out of the red and back into the black. That's more than the Legislature has said or done.

Did you know that the Legislature is the highest paid elected officials in the state of California? Have they sacrificed any of their salaries? No! Not one cent and besides they get all those perks like a gas allowance, credit cards, cars or limos, lunch and dinner expenses, etc... That's where some of your money has gone, on our government legislators' perks.

I am retired and disabled and I have had my SSI income cut twice, and I am now looking at possibly a third time. Our incomes have never been brought up to the current standard of living. We are well below poverty level incomes. Why take from those that have little income to start with? When we received the SSI raise this year it was for one month only before the Legislature decided to take it away. Why did they ever give us raise? It's poor planning by the state of California, I believe. Doesn't the Legislature believe they should make a sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the economy? They could give up a credit card or a limo. I repeat, they haven't put one penny out of their own pockets to help the situation.

Remember, the legislators are robbing you the public! Remember, the highest paid state employees are the ones the public votes into office.

Please remember this election time and let's clean house and vote all of them out of office. We need to make a change in California government. It's a start.

Mel Powell,


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Veterans group appeals to thief of food, goods

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Thanks to Ceres residents who visited the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10293 and American Legion Post 491 at our booth during the Ceres Street Faire.

We had a spaghetti dinner fundraiser on Saturday May 8 to raise money for Iraq veterans in rehab for loss of arms or legs. Imagine our dismay when we found someone had broken into the Ceres American Legion Memorial Building and stolen nearly $1,000 of food and cooking equipment.

Should the thief have a change of heart he can mail reimbursement to P.O. Box 445, Ceres, CA 95307.

Ronald L. Moren,


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Reasons this American is a conservative

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Why am I a conservative? I believe in a very strong national defense, because all our freedoms and individual liberties could be lost. I believe that our liberty is protected by the preservation of national sovereignty, making national defense a high moral duty.

Conservative know freedom isn't free; that it must be earned and protected in every generation. George Washington noted "to be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace."

I believe in fiscal responsibility, which means don't spend what you don't have.

I am an American - American is not a race or religion. Americans come in all colors, shapes and ages. We are all united as Americans by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In my view, the government does not know best.

Rather free people tend to be more creative, productive and efficient.

God bless America.

Arlene Gage,


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Lundrigan has already started updating records

As the Stanislaus County Assessor I know that digitizing documents is both time consuming and costly. It takes thorough research, planning, and execution to get the best results at a reasonable cost to taxpayers. Because I meet on a regular basis with the County Clerk-Recorder, Lee Lundrigan, I know that she has already started this time consuming process. It may be easy for her opponent to say that he plans on digitizing documents if elected, but with 14 to 20 million documents on file, I trust that Lee Lundrigan, who has already started this process, will be the best person to finish it. That is only one of the many reasons I am endorsing Lee Lundrigan for Stanislaus County Clerk-Recorder.

Doug Harms,

Stanislaus County Assessor

* * * * * * *

Ceres High Sober Grad Night Committee grateful for help

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Ceres High Sober Grad Night Committee gives a big thank you to the businesses and individuals for their generous contributions.

Your support provided a safe, fun filled night of food, games, music and prizes to the graduating seniors of 2010.

Donations are still being accepted; please send to Ceres High School Sober Grad Night, 2320 Central Ave., Ceres CA 95307.

Angie Hopkins,


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