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Letters to the Editor published Oct. 17, 2012
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Hernandez supports HSR boondoggle

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Is congressional candidate Jose Hernandez's support of the $96 billion high-speed rail boondoggle a sign that he doesn't grasp that California and Washington are both derailing the economy through deficit spending? Consultants alone have cost upwards of $12 million. Potential private investors consider the project too risky.

Central Valley farmers, farm bureaus, and other agricultural related groups are vigorously opposed to the rail line route that would compromise 15,000 acres of prime farmland, agribusiness and the water supply. In addition to the negative impact on livestock and crops, Valley wildlife would suffer as well.

Of further concern, during the economic downturn, is the added fiscal burden to the state that HSR will pose while up against budgetary dollars needed for education, roads, law enforcement and emergency services. Congressman Jeff Denham is against HSR at this time. I agree with Denham that a better economy and smarter planning are prerequisites to pursuing the project in the future.

Mr. Hernandez looks to be good with HSR federal/state "high-speed" deficit spending, and with subsequent borrowing, tax hikes and downsizing of services. Let's back the train up, and allow the economy to move forward.

Ken Groves, Jr.


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CUTA in support of tax

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The Ceres Unified Teachers Association would like to commend and thank the Board of Trustees for unanimously supporting a "no" on Proposition 32 resolution at their meeting on Sept. 25. They, along with many other responsible Californians, understand that this proposition would serve to silence many important voices in advocating for education and other vital public services. The measure, if passed, would cause a dangerous imbalance allowing corporate and other economically powerful interests to exercise undue influence over public policy by essentially barring professional and labor groups who stand up for the interests of the working/middle class.

Earlier last month the board supported a "yes" on Proposition 30 resolution, which CUTA also strongly supports as the best means to fix California's budget problems, including the adequate funding of education and to keep our state on the road to complete economic recovery.

Well done ladies & gentlemen!

Steve Pierce,

Ceres Unified Teachers Association

* * * * * *

Problems began with mortgages for all

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I could sit and argue weather Democrats or Republicans are right or wrong and come to no conclusion at all. If, however, I look at things as an American and care about God and country then I can find an answer to what is best for my fellow Americans and our country. The state of the union is in the worst shape it has ever been in my lifetime, our credit rating has been downgraded and we are $16 trillio in debt. A real American should ask why.

Our financial problems began with the idea every American should own their own home. This idea began under George Bush, however it did not start in the White House; it began in Congress. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac where the true instigators of the problems; our elected leaders forced the banks to give out loans to any and all, even if that person could not qualify under normal conditions. The banks said "no" at first but Congress gave them a guarantee of payment if these loans fell apart and there were no restrictions on the size of the loans. Subsequently, homes sold like hotcakes and the price jumped right out of sight because financing was so easy to get. Many sold their homes at an inflated rate and bought new homes at that same inflated rate. Large outrageous loans became the norm. Everyone was living on the edge but the free flow of money kept it afloat. When the internet bubble popped that money hit a cliff and it started a chain reaction of deflation back to where it should have been all the time. Foreclosures skyrocketed as many people had interest only loans. This made their homes what they call upside-down; they owe more than it is worth. People began losing their jobs as the easy money stopped flowing and people could not afford to repair or buy as their money source dried up.

Who was in charge of Congress when this took place? The Democrats. We wanted it fixed so we elected Obama with "hope and change" believing he could fix it. So what has he done to fix it? Do you have any idea? GM was bailed out with $50 billion in taxpayer dollars. So what happened to that money? GM built two new plants and raised their employment by 55 percent - the problem with that is, it all took place in China, and they still laid off and closed plants here in America.

Then Obama gave $355 million to a Brazilian company, Embraer, to manufacture our military light aircraft. No jobs for America. Then he spent $529 million with Fisker to build an electric car - in Finland. Still no American jobs.

Obama believes in green energy so he started closing coal fired plants that generate electricity. This pushes the price of energy up. Don't believe me? Go buy a gallon of gas. Obama plans to close 240 of these plants? Why I ask?

Mitt Romney pointed out that Obama has spent $90 billion on items just like the ones I am pointing out here.

I am sure you know someone who has lost their home, while the elected in power have no intent of curtailing their spending. Just like people who lost their home, we will lose our country the very same way.

Think about it; are you a party member or an American?

Michael O'Brien

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