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Letters to the Editor published on Dec. 3, 2008
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Josh's parents defend son, coaches

Editor, Ceres Courier,

We are writing this in response to the two "Sound Off!" articles in the paper this last week, the first one being about Joshua Edwards. Joshua did not mean anything negative towards CV. If you were at any of Joshua's games, you would know that he takes his job as quarterback very seriously and would never disrespect another team. Joshua was very emotional after every game win or lose. He had many quotes in the paper and never had anything bad to say. He has respect for all football players and coaches. We know he wasn't excited after any of their loses this season so just because he was asked how he felt at the very moment and he spoke from his heart doesn't mean he is disrespectful. Obviously the caller has no idea who Josh is or they would know he gives everyone the respect they deserve. We watched him after the CV game shaking hands and hugging several CV players. On and off the field they are friends.

Secondly, regarding our CHS coaches, unless you walk a mile in their shoes you have no right to judge them. They do everything they can to get the win. It's up to our boys to take what they are taught to the field and get it done. Before the caller stand in judgment of them, go watch a practice or two and see what goes on.

Going into the game Friday night CV and CHS league records stood the same. Before you say Garcia came in and took his team forward you need to look back and remember CHS went 0 and 10 last year and this year we ended the season with two wins, so as far as we're concerned we also went forward.

All coaches give more than they get. We know Joshua's coaches did above and beyond for him this season and we are thankful for their extra efforts in making him a better athlete.

Ron and Lisa Edwards Ceres

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Supercenter not all that desirable

Editor, Ceres Courier,

This is in response to the letter in the Nov. 26 Courier. I read with amusement the points listed as benefits of a Supercenter.

Does this person really think his grandkids would find Wal-Mart entertaining? Yes, the Supercenter would have more room, and that is to accommodate more people. Ceres still does not have a good sit-down restaurant, but we get a Supercenter?

#5 A refreshment center; I think the current store has such a place - McDonalds.

Wal-Mart says it will bring jobs to Ceres above what it is at the current store. Will these be good jobs with a living wage? Will these jobs have benefits? Maybe they will be just like a fast food place. Ceres needs business that cares about it employees which makes the city a good place to live.

Wal-Mart is not the answer to our bad economy. We the people have sold out to the almighty dollar and allowed jobs to leave the country.

This new Wal-Mart, if built, will add nothing but problems to the community. It will contribute to already crowded roads, water and sewer problems, even if it is called a dry business. How much will it cost us to have a new Supercenter? The last time Wal-Mart came to town the city forgave three years of taxes, help put in the infrastructure, and had a promise of a Sam's Club. When the three-year contract expired, the company decided it had other plans for that location and a Sam's Club was not part of it, so they sold the land.

I have been in a Supercenter and it is just as crowded as our store and the prices were not any cheaper than local stores.So do we really need a Super Wal-Mart at the expense of our city?

Walt Butler,


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