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Letters to the Editor published on Feb. 25, 2009
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Mistin Gallery did what's right for them

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Mistlin Gallery recently concluded another impressive Young Masters' Show. This year's show was truly remarkable and a credit to all those involved. Kudos for a job well done!

Unfortunately, the show was sullied by controversy over works that were not accepted. Reportedly this was because, according to the Bee, of "perceived depictions of violence, gang symbols and other illegal, inappropriate or sexual activities," the type of which has been criticized by the public in the past. In response, some artists asserted that their work had been "misinterpreted."

The problem with this reasoning is that the public calls it like they see it, regardless of anyone's intent. As a non-profit business, Mistlin can ill afford to ignore this kind of criticism and risk losing their status. If they do, they will probably cease to exist. Then we will lose the Young Masters' Show, a wonderful community resource, and a great opportunity for artists of all ages.

The reality is that Mistlin Gallery is a business. And, like other businesses, they have the prerogative to set their own image and make decisions about whether or not any submission is consistent with that image. This is true of all galleries, not just Mistlin. Others may not agree with a gallery's decisions but the bottom line is the decisions are theirs to make.

Some have argued that Mistlin should change. Presumably this means change their admission standards to something that clearly would not be in their best interest. So, we would be saying to Mistlin, "You and you alone must change your way of doing things, even if it means it will put you out of business." I disagree.

I feel that Mistlin should be free to conduct their business as any other gallery, and I commend the committee for making the tough decisions necessary to keep the show above reproach. As artists we know that if our work is not accepted by any gallery, we are free to look elsewhere - and artists do this all the time. It is not a personal issue nor it it necessarily a reflection on quality. There are plenty of galleries and plenty of styles. This is a good thing - it's called "diversity."

Dr. Gayle Gallagher,


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City employees should know there's a museum

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Last Saturday, Feb. 14, the Ceres Museum was open from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sheryl Trout was docent for that day. A lady came to visit and told Sheryl she has asked a policeman where the museum was located. The officer misinformed her that Ceres "doesn't have a museum." As curator of the museum, we are appalled at such a response. The Courier is good to announce the days and times of the museum's opening. While we put forth a lot of effort to acquaint our local people and others, it is inexcusable to have people employed by the city who are so disconnected with major organizations and activities.

I trust there will be some sort of education by department heads that will correct this problem.

Phil Reynder,


The Ceres Museum

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MH students show courtesy all the time

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am very impressed with the students at Mae Hensley Junior High. I go to dialysis two school days a week and I ride on my electric wheelchair. I pass the students on their way to school and am amaze. Every student moves to the side of the sidewalk to let me pass. Most smile or say something when I say "Thank you." I have never had a student be rude, block my path or anything - they all go out of their way to let me pass, and as I said most even offer a "You're welcome!," a "Good morning," or at the least a smile.

We hear all the time about the few "bad apples" but rarely hear about the wonderful kids. As a mother of three grown boys, it pleases me to see not a few but every student I pass show respect and courtesy.

I just want to thank every student, their parents, teachers and mentors for raising youth to be proud of!

Claudie Readenour,


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